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  1. Agree xD when I saw the first time was like "wtf...?" I think old one reprrsents better that license.
  2. At ones priet skill was not made for damge boss, and now it is fix, but, the probability of dameging a boss is there, a very low probability, but it is there.
  3. The problem is that I lost my WoW account so many years ago (Next month will be 5 or 6 year) and when I played I used to hold a dagger or similar yes or yes, maybe now they have changed I dont know I also leave the forum 3 moths later, and dont touch it from them.But, the thing is, rogue is a ligth weigth class and, like I say in last post, axe, is considerer in all Rol and RPG games as a Heavy weigth weapon, and a non-hiden one, even you have a gabardine. So now, use an axe is like, "make a use from a bug", I do not know if I am expressing correctly, but I think is understandable.
  4. And here we have a good example that what a fan-rogue-boy think, or well the most he could...It so easy to say that when you are one of the most OP classes in this game and can delete a char with even 2 hits... if you want an easy game, left me recommend you hello kitty online, if not, read again my topic and you will understand. I dont going to defend my self, I can easily delete a rogue like you, I had done... but this not the thread. Axe is considerer as a heavy weapon, (also something that warspear lucks of, a way to determinate the "weigth" of weapons), rogue cant even go with heavy armors, so what do you want? A rogue that is a tank+assassin+best damager+dps+everything? That is no sense, I know friends that have a awesome rogue and they think like me, if not, I invite you to play WoW and see with your open eyes... exept you still with that blindness.
  5. That not a way to answer to a player, even if it is a scammer. You have to send a ticket to the support first; say everything you can describe or tell about your account, one last thing, maybe you can get your account back, but, if you were related in any type of scamming or similar, it would be so hard to have it back. Hope you get it, any person need a second opportunity.
  6. As you may know rogue is now one of the most powerfull class ingame, but I have something to comment. In mamy MMORPG games, like WoW or Runes Of Magic, the rogue class has a lot differences with actual warspear rogue, It still been an assassin but, not like a real rogue, I would like to explain why; First of all, in those well-known games as i had said, rogues can hold daggers or swords as weapon, but just those ones, because they are "ligth weigth" weapons, and also y the famous WoW, It make a rogue use a dagger always. Also rogues are those who hit in the back to kill the, healers or dps characters, but here in WS the rogue can easily kill a tank in 2 or 3 critic hits. I say that for just a reason, for you devs to change a little the code for rogues, at least to make then use a dagger obligatory, also because rogue has to hide himself and the wespons they hold, and a war axe... in all Rol games, the axe is a non-hidden weapon. It would be cool some changes (I know its difficult, I am studiying Eng. Inf.) to make the game better: 1- Make rogue use a dagger obligatory 2- If you take out axes from weapons that can use the rogue, increase the damage dealt by abilities 3- If you do not take out axes, make stealth to have more cooldown to good "hide" the axe. Thats all, hope I did not pretend to make mine the game, just suggest a good way for a rogue class.
  7. Unbind an iten removes everthing from it, amplification, cristal or runes and decoratives skins. Also, the item goes to 0% of repair, so you will need to repair it too. First unbind with a character cost 1 miracle coin, if u make another in future it cost 399. Hope you get answer.
  8. Syluxxx


    A real person had died, and you laugh? Thats incredible... Leave the game, we dont need such persons like you
  9. My old warspear account has given me back \(^0^)/ Many thx to the GMs
  10. ... Vale tio, si no has jugado mas juegos MMORPG que este, no me vengas a enseñar o decir que es el farm o el farmeo, se perfectamente lo que es farm, y NO, no me referia swamps como farmeo, sino comparandolo con el farmeo que se hacia antes, AH! SI! aprende a interpretar lo que lees, de nada ;)
  11. Jodeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer XDDDDDDDDDDDDD Solo digo que cuanta razón sobre todo en el de "DAME GOLD" XDDDDD
  12. Vete a la pagina principal del juego te la dejo mas abajo, y hay un parte en el que pone "support" hay tendrás una zona para decir que te paso, quien fue, etc... Pagina: http://warspear-online.com/en/support
  13. -Syluxxx, Noxirian, Dayloa, Tenlatin, Leaffy, Sorakapls -EU-Emerald -GMT +1 -Asturias, España Y por si alguien necesita ayuda o esta empezando, dejo mi canal de Youtube ;) Youtube.con/u ser/NeoSyluxxxWhataGamer
  14. Siento pena por los Bladancer, somos lo mas bajo en la escala global D: XDDDD
  15. Me encanta ver mi guild aqui puesta (NEOSHADOWS)
  16. Se sigue farmeando pero ahora es "distinto". En vez de pillar lo que los mobs sueltan en cantidades astronómicas, vamos a swamps y pasamos alli muuuuucho y digo muuuuuucho tiempo, o tambien estan las hunt de bosses, ahora las dungeons, etc... en general, es un juego donde el gold no crece en los arboles XD
  17. Syluxxx

    Lost it :3

    Hi support! Here Syluxxx from EU-Emerald realm. I have something to ask for, it is an old account that I made at first to start playing Warspear Online, but my mobile broke and I had to send it to got repaired, the good thing its that it got repaired, the bad thing is that the app of Warspear dissappear with my account. I was so much newbie, and didn't know that I was able to change the login, and... you know... "shit" happens. It only have one character, my old DeathKnight: Sylux. So to sum up, if you could give me back the login or change to my e-mail, it would be so greatful to recover it. Many Thanks.
  18. No one post me here? =O Im always stopping illegal sellers and traders of acc and chars (-w-"). Well I post, Syluxxx ----- "trustable" player :D XD
  19. No, but the thing is, that, claculating all the atk speed atribute that give that equip is 25% (!) and in atributes, in other, only appears 18.6% And now i have calculate only ONE 2.2% for bg shadow full equip and gives me 18.4% so thanx now Im relax XD
  20. Hi guys Im Syluxxx on Warspear and here is something strange i notice with my equip (Im lv 19). Im addictive to atk speed XD and well I think I ve the best equip for that, here it's: -Abyss Zealot's Cape: 2% (all % i gonna put is only atk speed). -Lavalier of Inward power: 2.6% -2x Acute Broadsword (don't make any joke or commentary for my swords E_É): 1.7% each. And the full equip of BG's shadow: -Mask of Berengar's shadow: 2.2% -Doublet of Berengar's shadow: 2.2% & enchant: 2.2% -Gloves of Berengar shadow: 2.2% & enchat: 2.1% -High boots of Berenga' shadow: 2.2% & 1.8% & enchant with: 2.1% This is all, I had calculate and gives me 25% but in atributtes only appears 18.6% (WTF!?). So I ask if that is the MAX. Atk Speed for a BD or It's just a glicht or bug, and i have to contact with the GM. Thank You for your answers :)
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