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  1. Since the priest has already been given the talent to output, the full screen attack should not be revoked
  2. Зачем отключать полноэкранный урон Жреца? Как вы думаете, жрецы действительно сильны? 为什么要切断牧师的全屏伤害?你认为牧师真的很坚强吗?
  3. Whirlwind can Will the clothes come back?
  4. The Warlock's output is so high in the role establishment stage, but it is not so in the actual game. The output in PvE is completely inferior to that in the physical profession. Not to mention in PVP, the Ranger double knife Explorer can kill the warlock quickly, and the double knife is even stronger. It is recommended to strengthen the Warlock's output and life saving skills, such as continuous life absorption or add a void Walker similar to that in world of Warcraft, Warlock is a classic profession. When I stand on the island, many people, but I am the only warlock on the island. This profession really needs to be strengthened too much!
  5. Hello gm, I am a loyal player of warspear online. I have been playing this game since 2017. I like the hunter profession very much, and I have been trying to build a top hunter. However, the changes in the expert skills of hunters in the past two years have been very disappointing.First of all, let's talk about the expert skill of Mountain Instinct, which is one of the core skills of hunters. I think his effect lasts for 30 seconds, but its effect is not satisfactory.When I have more than 60CD, I can do this skill twice in 30 seconds, which I think is unnecessary.So I hope that the duration of this skill effect will be changed to 20 seconds.And the attack speed can be increased by 26%.Then there is the skill "Poisonous Arrow", which I can say with certainty is the skill with the lowest utilization rate among all the basic professional skills.Because it's so rubbish. And I hope that this skill will have the same effect as the chieftain's "Wolf Agility" skill, and can play a role in the next automatic attack, and can slow down the enemy, instead of directly shooting harmless poisonous arrows. I hope gm can see my suggestion as a reference when changing skills this year.
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  7. 加入类似dota2的创意工坊,玩家做一些自己喜欢的皮肤,武器皮肤,和特效,这样游戏的生命会更加延长
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