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  1. Bro can you tell me how many no exp quest there in game? I play this game a lot too... there is not much for all i just suggest a secondary option for all quest that wont give xp but give the other rewards...
  2. You guys only put some msg in game not to break rules but those players who give you $ are cheating everyday every monment but they never ever get punished .... what a joke ... You guys better allow buying and selling char or sharing a account for all or you better kick those assholes out of the game ......
  3. Dear Devs, I dont know if this topic was here before or not but you guys should think about this There should be quests that wont give EXP but gold and GP. These quest will be marked with white or red marks.... These will be the same quests like the blue ones at all the maps with same rewards but no EXP points. This Will help those players who dont want to lvl up,
  4. At last... Thanks for ending it.... Btw Is there will be any new gear and weapons in arena shop? I think you guys should Introduce LVL 21 arena parts (or LVL 22) So that game can be balanced
  5. ::) Devs Pls Change the cl quests and shadow quest a bit. Like let every body who already done shadow to enter the hall to help questors please.. And pls let the cl quests be only killing a number of enemies...and the common bosses( i e gariel griduar and guards) please :diablo: :diablo: Hope It would be fun
  6. Chosen and Elfs.... We rocks..... Love you all Regards Guild Tribalx Iamthedon Theashoka
  7. Happy New Year to all the DEVELOPERS and GAME MASTERS. Thanks for your awesome efforts throughout the year to provide us a awesome game environment. Thank you so so much.. Happy New Year to all the players too............. Love You All............... Regards Guild : Tribalx Iamthedon (BD lvl 20) Theashoka (Pala lvl 17) Priencelion (Druid lvl 14)
  8. It will be nice..... But whats about the weak players? Have you devs think about them? :aggressive:
  9. :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :spiteful: :spiteful: :spiteful: :spiteful: :spiteful: :spiteful: :spiteful: :spiteful: :spiteful: Why not Joker Card is not obsoleted .. Joker place is always full 0% cance for weak player to get joker card... :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :spiteful: :spiteful: :spiteful: :spiteful: :spiteful: :spiteful: :spiteful:
  10. Give all lvl 18 plus characters suitable Suddendoom Weapons as gift pls........... too hard to get sd weapons........... pls admin ............ :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:
  11. :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: how long i have to wait for log in :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  12. These game is awesome but i think there should be an option to make an enemy friend. So that we could talk and make party together to kill any creep or boss. then there will be more enjoyment in the game. :friends:
  13. Dear developers, War Spear is a great mropg game but in this game there is a great problem we are facing that there is no way to collect gold fast there is so many characters who are unable to use Miracle shop. so you are requested to make a good gold rate in game. and also make the bosses some easy to acess for the lol players. and plese make sure that the weapons and armours can be buyed or droped in game.. Norlant is a place where the player except m.Coin items cant hunt so pls pls make some arrangement for us...
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