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  1. Nokia 3310 is cheap Why not galaxy S4 :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :shout:
  2. nude girls And maybe soilder outfit :blush:
  3. we not idoit and we know that :wacko: But sometime new players fall and buy it
  4. HeroxSniper


    LoL I have FANs like that xD
  5. ronnnnnnaaaaaaaallllllllld Cmn man Change my nAme :( SnI3eRGhO$T~
  6. Just vote yes and gonna leave this topic xD
  7. You can lvl up druid whitout novice eassily :3
  8. They will like it :D Anyone poll adDed
  9. haha who pm my char yesterday?tq you cuz you join my list of haters or let say fans xD
  10. But it most be trsuted frind or best frind Like my frind who traded me over 6 outfir and 3 decv to my bd yesterday :drinks:
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