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  1. Wiecej bym sie dowiedzial gdyby to bylo po rusku niz to co ty napisales :facepalm:
  2. So I have a problem. Namely I bought a used phone,and i want play Warspear :nea: but i can not becausr this is displayed for the inscription ,,Thid metod of registration is unfornately,open web site for registration?,, I love this game and i want to play.Isend a ticket for support..So devs can do something with this?
  3. I think when we get new pvp cave always someone disturb :'(
  4. :lol: :lol: :lol: xD
  5. Barbarian is the best weak class in this game :rofl: :rofl: :search:
  6. WoW , pvprange ur warlock is best 14lvl warlock what i see. :crazy:
  7. Best druid in this slow server is Mokrapacha :give_rose:
  8. Heh, gdyby to bylo takie proste jak to opisujecie, teraz ciezej jest odzyskac konto i jesli nie znasz anielskiego na podstawowym poziomie ,a jeszcze trzeba miec tyle informacji na temat konta,ze glowa mala :'(
  9. ;D Yea i hate runners but not only druids run in arena O:-)
  10. So my good friend in game get blocked device (phone) and cant play Warspear. :fool: I have a question ,how can unblock maybe someone can tell about this. Thx guys ;)
  11. XELION


    best ranger in us is reu ,in eu is kudlaty :tease:
  12. Taa :friends: zgodzam sie z toba Alice, gralem w wsa ~2lata i nie wydalem ani zlotowki ;)
  13. Now hard amply items without sign :'(s :nea: , I lost many items with this metod amped :cray:
  14. Necro is best healer for hunt. :blush :For pvp can be g :spiteful:ood,but need know how use skills and amp of course hight :spiteful:
  15. :drinks: I prefer hunt boss few h :nea:ours and sell drop :good:
  16. :( Druid is good but no have chance 1vs1 warlock >:D
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