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  1. Guys i got more info on scammers i will post the witnesses soon when i get info
  2. Lol guys i didn't want the acc. i did that to find a scammer n let u guys know
  3. Seduce listen ♥♥♥♥♥ cleonitus i still got motherducka he took my shaman so don't dickeat :tease:
  4. Lol even tho i lost an acc tonight
  5. Guyd look he scammed my shaman i didn't want so i went. to websitr went to restore pass n it said acc was not found! that's the name of the scammer jst wanted yo let u guys know
  6. Snor can my friend get his acc back at any chance
  7. Wait snor if acc get scammed we can't get back it said in agree terms
  8. Guys i know I'm not supposed to trade acc but i traded with a friend. n he tryed traded but he trded the ranger named samuelx guys beware samuelx is now scammed acc snorlax plz don't remove this topic i want everyone to know before the scammer strikes again watch out for lvl 1 to apocalypto not the shaman or ranger its spelled diffrent guys don't trust samuelx i traded komp n got cleo i was once smauelx but its scammed acc now beware
  9. For somereason i cannot play warspear right noe n like 2 hours ago will any one answer my post before this one?
  10. Ok i have one question like we have our own castles? each player has thier on will mcs be able to invade our castles. is 1 player determined to rule the elfs castle what. don't get it. Do we have to buy our own castle 8) or what?
  11. I have a question people said before ws shut down we get new amor or something like that?
  12. i am hightec bro but that is scammed acc now u have forskaen ninja
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