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  1. Yeah, ofc a +1 character would lose vs full +10 heavy mm gear enemy with books, what u expect me to kill them both?lol I did 3k dmg to the charmer before i went down, and still put up a good fight, if i was a ranger, bd or any other dmg class this wouldn't be possible XRecorder_23112022_223414.mp4
  2. Well if u didnt know, reaper has a skill that garuntee crit and it hits twice,+ in demon form it gets a huge increase in skill dmg, and crit dmg+ ferocity wepons, this dmg can hit 4k-5k on even arena geared players, idk who ur char is but if this skill crits u, u will die
  3. Well this video was just to showcase beastmaster in arena, il upload more 2vs2 soon vs greatness chars, so stay tuned
  4. Hi, i made a pvp video doing arena 1v2s with a +1 bm, come and watch

    Instant Mermen Gear

    I corrected it, ty
  6. Solo raidboss + a story in this vid
  7. Well if u didnt notice, the beast can die and the character loses its damage after that, and it also does not gain attack speed, meaning its dps in dgs is usually less than seeeker and ranger, its not unbalanced
  8. Hi, im here to suggest changing the 2nd skill of the mermen gears, the full set bonus skill, to something else, because the current skill is nearly useless and has no practical use in the game, no one really uses the 4pc bonus skill, everyone just uses the half set

    Instant Mermen Gear

    Learn how to do mermen dg and get ur mm gears in my guide video(commentary) Bow gives penetration, not pierce
  10. Druid is weak and it's useless in pve, please just remove this class from the game, because it feels like nobody wants druid in dg anymore nobody wants druid for questing,nobody wants druid for anything except for 1 thing, arena, which only 5% of the playerbase even participates in I suggest u buff its skills and rework some other, for example secret link should give crit and atk spd/ crit dmg buff, tornado should slow atk speed of all mobs and boss hit by the skill(like bees skill but area of effect) and druid needs a revive skill and aoe dmg buff for party members so it can be useful like priests!! for pve usefulness because right now its useless asf!!!
  11. Beastmaster in crucible (all gears +1 except weapon)
  12. MANIAC


    Mcs horror attacked and blocked for 30 minutes(sped up version)
  13. MANIAC

    Starting a war

    Started a war at mcs dungeon
  14. This druid insults then challenges me to a 1v1
  15. Hello everyone, i want to start a petition to change the stats of the arena spears "Accuracy" to >"Penetration" Right now beastmasters lack a penetration spear weapon in arena, forcing us that want phsycial to go for a lower dmg option in order to make up for it,nobody wants to use a 2h axe or 2x sword, so we need our spears to have penetration,ty
  16. Why tho? It wasnt even that hard, people just need to know the mechanics of the boss
  17. Learn how to fight the boss, stop dying and wasting my stam ty
  18. As the title says, we killed 2 horror raidboss
  19. The damage is high but it gains no attack speed from the owner, and the beast can die, thus losing all ur damage for the rest of the fight It's not op, you just dont know how to fight it
  20. Had some funs with mercs eariler in test server gvg, we got 1st place
  21. As the title says, i was able to achieve 13k critical hit dmg with +1 gears, and able to solo almost all boss with no lifesteal, check this vid Second image of the nearly 20k dmg crit
  22. XRecorder_26092022_172748.mp4 Thats not a bug, u can use doors while in tree form
  23. Needs update with new classes
  24. It dosent completely remove the debuff, only 1 tick of damage from the delayed dmg, u still take a truckload of damage after 2 secs, this skill is terrible
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