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  1. ;D nice way to get some free mcoins,, n is there any participation prize? :blush: btw goodluck to all participants :drinks:
  2. good its updated :drinks: :good: lol im back from work and its still at maintenance :wacko: ,,i didnt miss anything then 8)
  3. nice story :good: but"Dark Elves are equally welcome either for the Guardians or Legion warriors" mean that elfs and mcs will work together? :wacko: the WIP of the game means lags in meanwhile?? :diablo: :facepalm:
  4. woww at last new developments :drinks: ,,at least i wouldnt be bored and about capturing castle and having craft weapons sound really fun :crazy:
  5. hey devs why only my main char is not working when the other char i can easily enter the game?? plz fix that problem ezioasin-bd lvl18
  6. hey devs why my main char not able to log in??only him is getting coonection with the server lost when other dont get this ezioasin-bd lvl18
  7. hey devs why only my main char cant log in??other char in the acc can but only my bd lvl18 cant plz solve that quick!! :good:
  8. hey devs can i know why i cant connect to the game?? :diablo: what this "connection to the server lost" showing each time???
  9. hi friends :yahoo: ,, thnx for the support :friends:
  10. hey there,,after first maintenance and the game started again after less than 60mins :good: but what about the second maintenance??how much time it will take to log in? :wacko:
  11. hi,,can i join in :blush: ,,it would be a pleasure to be part of your clan btw i am a very good mc killer and sometimes they got difficulty to do cl or pass stairs ;D ,,just ask them 8) Ezioasin - lvl18 bd
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