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  1. I hope magic stuff mean increase amp on rings n amulet ;D Btw congrats for opening dungeon not getting bored now but is it possible to get better drops than just pots n spheres :wacko: :clapping:
  2. 1 week gone n now back so much new things..great abt the magic resis n power gm :friends:...Im xcited to check bg tower :yahoo:hope no more silly bug in arena :wacko:
  3. Its being long that 10mins passed n still sayin maintenance on upmost.... what s wrong? :wacko:
  4. wew maintenance over..hope it dnt remove snow skill :blush:
  5. Yay :yahoo:xmas event back with awesome stuff :crazy: congrats to dev n hope the update is quicker than before :blush:
  6. Lol just a simple reboot but hope it dnt exceeds 10mins to 1hr :rofl: Btw when will new island open? :blush:
  7. Hmm another one,,how do we get reputation n how will this help our chars plz? :blush:
  8. One question:-- on new continent or first city,,will each faction need to fight to complete quests from captains or a neutral zone where each help other classes? :blush: :unknw: Fight or work with dark elves is goin to b awesome tho :rofl:
  9. Gudbye sam hain :drinks: Last farm of mcs failed n tanker die :rofl:Awesomee :yahoo: Normally for 60-120mins takes all day so after work n back home I dnt miss anythin :rofl: :blush:
  10. Can I know what time the offer will end on Monday for GMT +4 plz :blush:
  11. Not nice,,us-sapphire realm not available :( :search:
  12. Y us sapphir last server??its the one most frequented by ppl :facepalm: :wacko:
  13. Lol still under maintenance :facepalm:,, A question- since maintenance taking time,,can we delay the promotion on arena tickets for the same hours? :blush: :give_rose:
  14. If u hav mcoins u can unbind it dude :wacko:
  15. Yea but I think pvprange got retired now :rofl: :wacko:
  16. Sips :drinks:,,damn fkin long maintenance this one :wacko:
  17. Plz b quick fix this maintenance or I'll not buy a single mcoins :blush: :clapping:
  18. 7 Days ban for yellow pm in world chat like arrigosts something did in Us sapphire? :lol: :good:
  19. Damn just when I was goin buy tics devs put this in paused :'( :cray:
  20. Hii :drinks:,, still under maintenance :wacko:
  21. seem i didnt miss anythin but now im nback hope maintenace get over quick
  22. hi guys hmm as im the one who is usually one most of time i can say that veraleus is on n cant say he is not doing anything for guild,,he should b promoted coz he is tho the one most on of inactive ppl
  23. :yahoo: nice devs for the fast update,,only thing i cant get is wtf on my pc,android n all r working but just on my symbian phone it keep say cerficate error??? :facepalm: btw i already remove check cerficate but its still bug :facepalm: plz fix this up coz i play most of time on my symbian phone,,,ty
  24. nice for minions :lol: ,,so funny like pokemon hey gm im getting problems to log in the new v3.7 on my phone nokia e7 and it stop work n closed :cray: ,,but on pc its working well can u fix the problem so i can play on phone too,,ty :clapping: :friends:
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