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  1. Haha..ik that this update would take whole day but y say 2hr? :bad: :facepalm: Any news abt this fixes? :wacko:
  2. Lol ididnt check pos before n so what ur prob? :wacko: :facepalm:
  3. Lol devs better do all fixes n then let us play withou cut cut :wacko: Jus check ws n now maintenance again :wacko:
  4. Lol overpopulated pala in sa pearl? :wacko: :rofl: :lol:
  5. Lol I voted I got gift book of oblivion :yahoo: :lol:
  6. Wow I like these new skills..congrats :yahoo: But but y every 10-15mins realm or server not available?its ur planned maintenance? :wacko:
  7. Its normal that each 10-15mins it say realm not available? :facepalm:
  8. Hi snorlax..plz tell us in advance if there will b morw technical maintenance coz u didnt say anything n using gp pot is a waste now Btw why I cant use expert skill?already bought it but say something abt version... :unknw:
  9. Wow why again server closed??didnt say only 2hr maintenance n y cant use skill?it say version not available something but updated it 2 times :wacko:
  10. Elfs r not more numbered than mcs.. just coz mcs farm cl boss whole day (25hr/day) its a sweet revenge to block them the only to get cl bosses in elf land ;D Btw mcs copying elfs n doin same at their caravan Nice tactic but no use agains expert skill elfs will get with sleep :blush: ;D
  11. They said update or maintenance will b 2hr time but who know now if its longer :wacko:
  12. Btw its really 2hr maintenance or whole day? Need a real ans n no doubt abt... :wacko:
  13. Too many blablabla.. fix that maintenance so we can check these skills once 4 all :blush:..im tired waitin n see stupid assumptions abt expert skills :facepalm: Need check by self n site :spiteful: :wacko: 8)
  14. Beginning of warspear seen nice ;D..hope its still in mid coz when I got berengar tower quest(gold quest) to rolunn in riff that was exciting :blush: hope it keep continues like tht :good:
  15. Why still no result for tornament #15? I want see what is there abt chosen victory in tornament in us server ;D
  16. Nice update :yahoo: but hope its not goin take whole day for update coz 1st holiday for me n 2nd helpin tornament Damn need pay 40k to get exprt skill ;D guys u gonna farm n do dungeon if out of gold :rofl: Plz do that update before noon gmt I wanna test these skill asap :drinks:
  17. U guys (mcs players) know y u fail so much in try cl? ;D
  18. U want see pure elfs power in us? 8)
  19. Wow dev I got a quest in norlant n then to riff n to tower"gold quests" awesome :yahoo: I got to kill bosses in easy..normal n hard cool ;D
  20. Congrats to elf guild in us server who win #1&2&3 n when will the new tornament start?since now 6hr it keep saying tornament will start soon but not the case :wacko:
  21. I saw a bd who hav 4.6k magic def with +8 rings n amulet.who knows if he got +10 :blush:
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