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  1. Edge

    Inferius account

    lol hes just following admins orders :D siwers must have unbanned you by now
  2. its monday already i cant live without miracle coins anymore :D
  3. its monday already i cant live withput miracle coins anymore :D
  4. that might be the altar of avenger but were r the cressets of citadel?
  5. i seem to have problem in finding cressets of citadel for the quest power of avenger( crimson corundum quest) it would be nice if you could mention where the altar of avenger is located.
  6. lvled up bd from 1 to 10 for this, ranger 10 to 12 and druid 14 to 16 after update. only thing i dnt know is lvl 13. :D
  7. Experience Points (Exp or Xp ) quantifies a player character's progress. Exp are awarded for completing quests available throughout the world of arinar. When a sufficient amount of exp is obtained character levels up slightly increasing characters health points ,health regen and also improves characters special skills. Level ---------- Experience Required To Lvl Up ---------- Total Experience 01 ---------- 0 ---------- 0 02 ---------- 8 ---------- 8 03 ---------- 12 ---------- 20 04 ---------- 20 ---------- 40 05 ---------- 35 ---------- 75 06 ---------- 50 ---------- 125 07 ---------- 75 ---------- 200 08 ---------- 90 ---------- 290 09 ---------- 110 ---------- 400 10 ---------- 130 ---------- 530 11 ---------- 150 ---------- 680 12 ---------- 220 ---------- 900 13 14 ---------- ---------- 1600 15 ---------- 500 ---------- 2100 16 ---------- 630 ---------- 2730 17 ---------- 770 ---------- 3500 18 ---------- 900 ---------- 4400
  8. Edge

    Use of Golds

    there are many uses you could buy rare items fom people who keeps selling at trade chat,buy runes and crystals if u dont want to buy mc ,collect all costumes, save up the gold for maybe items that going to be releases in future.
  9. Edge

    Use of Golds

    or you could give me ill go to trade chat and buy rare items:D
  10. i have the same problem with my druid i had 64regen at lvl15 and now 61 at lvl16
  11. i was just going to edit my post. :D
  12. at first i thought astral dmg increase my base dmg and focused my gears completle on astral and had astral-188 (heals 176) moon-81 now i have astral -95 (heals 138) moon-195
  13. These posts are old the reputation system(portraying char levels as ranks 1 to 5) has been replaced by experience points(level 1 to 18) in the latest update(ver 1.0) but you can still gain reputation for neutral factions like chainless league by starting a quest chain in nadir sard.
  14. Edge


    kuzmitch said they will add more countries to sms payment list on wednesday and now its friday! when r u going to do this kuzmitch??
  15. lol no they attack the guy who gives dq .
  16. check the items parameters in shop receiving- will turn personal when you buy equiping-will turn personal when you wear none- no ettects.
  17. buying Excellent ring , wrought mantle,twisted stave ,twisted charge,shoes of berengers fury. pm me ingame -livestock.
  18. according to me moon,astral,crit,energy,dodge(but it doesnt seems to work),speedenergy and health regen.
  19. Edge

    stack size

    yeah they are going to implement bank probably in next update which is in late oct.till then increase the stack size of items it would really help.
  20. Edge

    [PVP] MC vs FB

    :D i use my brains and strike at the right time. ill die if i go in like rambo even in 1 vs 1.(im a bigger noob than strider)
  21. The problem was with indo payment system so they wont have any problem on russian server unless some indo plays there.
  22. Edge

    stack size

    Hi developers is it possible for you to increase the stack size from 10 to 30 or so . it could really help now atleast till you implement a bank. i dont have any space left in my bag. just increase stack size of daily quest items if possible.
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