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  1. Edge

    HP regen

    i cant imagine how low lvl chars are managing with such low hp regen. they already have problem before update now even more.
  2. omg you guys are again complaining about druid. druids bark skin now gives +7% phy def and +7moon def . me and nigra (druid) formed a party and made it to top 10 arena ratings easily . only problem we faced was sulla+marcin combo and that 2 crazy ranger combo(willimo and someone) these 2 teams were crazy .i will just have to find a way to kill them. but druids are not weak . just learn to play them. it would be nice if entangle could stop attacks too then it would be even more fun. i dint lvl it up it looks useless. twisted stave doesnt look cool:'(
  3. im confused now ;D mioco's screen shows barbarian having 3 spells maxed out and new spell at lvl 1. thats means 12 points?
  4. barbarian is getting a damage skill i think see mioco's screen i can see the 4th skill's image
  5. if ur in a 2v2 pvp shaman and barb vs bd and druid. bd will go after shaman first coz he heals this is where taunt helps you use taunt on bd and prevent him from hitting shaman .thats one way to put it.there r many uses.
  6. reduced skill points :cray: we have now 4 spells and need 4 points to max it out. so 16 skill points needed but the amount of skill points we will get at lvl 18 is only 10 . so wont be able to max everything . 1 sp every 2 lvls (18/2 + additional 1 at lvl 10= 10 sp) correct me if i miscalculated
  7. i heard rouge has stun so it must be fair. lets wait and see
  8. that was really stupid. I hope u guys get your acc back safely and ban all acc of the hacker.
  9. only 2 right now one in each factions town(kamp riff for firstborns and i dont remember the name of mc city )
  10. Edge


    i dont find any problem at all with this. just dont die you can save alot on repairs.
  11. thats chainless league reputation. once you are friendly with them you can buy berenger gears.
  12. Edge

    Skills Pt. 2

    thats just too much.
  13. regen is screwed up forget it. i kept losing 3 regen since lvl 16 instead of increasing. :facepalm:
  14. Edge

    Boss drops v1.0

    still no drops from any boss :( only got a incomplete rune of moon from animated :cray: :cray: and now nobody sells any items they only trade with other items damn im screwed :facepalm:
  15. then why do you guys keep closing topics .when someone suggests something u just close we cant even discuss.
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