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  1. @Haohmaru i play at sapphire server right now, using mountain clans .. hope to see you there :friends:
  2. @haohmaru yeah, i agree.. when the health bonus bug will be fixed ?? oh btw haohmaru, at what server do you play now ?? i've been looking for you :shout:
  3. if you are rank 4, you can try at irselnort killing white puma and purple puma they drop loot @10gold each enjoy your farming ;D
  4. i see .. thanks for the info :good:
  5. hey guys, lately, i played using mountain clans and now i have ranked 4 :yahoo: now, i need some money .. any suggestion where is the place that good for farming ?? thanks for your answers and sorry for my bad english ;D
  6. dege19

    HELLO! :)

    hello, nice to meet you ;D at what server do you play and what faction do you use ?? hope to meet you :yahoo:
  7. i don't know :search: but i hope, at the next update, this bug will be fixed
  8. thanks for the info wolf :good: now i know of those symbol mean, although i know it already :lol:
  9. yeah, that's true .. every i went to do daily quest or farming, i never use armor .. waste of money :facepalm:
  10. Samsung Omnia Lite ( GT - B7300 ) works fine, but when i switch the phone direction into landscape, it didnt work :unknw: because when i play another game, it can change into landscape please fix this problem :) P.S : anything else works fine :good:
  11. lol :rofl: but i really want those skill if those skill is available, rogue will be DEADLY :diablo:
  12. i see .. when that skill gonna be available ??
  13. hey guys .. i just started playing using rogue, and i want to ask what do you think about rogue ?? thanks for the answer ;)
  14. yeah, cant wait that to happen .. if the transformation skill is available, it will be AWESOME :yahoo:
  15. the damage is changed, although its just slightly increase .. maybe withe better equipment, your damage will be increased :unknw:
  16. mine is 45-60 rank 3 if crit is 90++ :good:
  17. dege19

    HELLO! :)

    nice ;D enjoy playing 8)
  18. yeah, even i'm not wearing my armor, the damage that produced by moster is still same don't know how that happen :unknw:
  19. please fix the bug that : 1. armor that can give us extra HP and MP 2. sudden logout and crash hope the GM will hear us :clapping:
  20. hi guys .. as you know, i'm a noob i want to ask, how we can put our screensshots to forum ?? thanks for the answers
  21. hey guys :) i just started play Warspear using the mountain clans i decided to use rogue, the class that i think good :D so, i need to ask, what gear that suit best for rogue rank 1-3 ?? thanks for the answer and sorry for my bad english :D
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