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  1. i just bought a lvl 9 staff around 3 hours ago. then i amp it to +1, it succeed then after that i tried to amp it to +2, then it failed and it gone :wacko: now i cant do anything cuz i dont have anything to do u guys know what i must do? :cray:
  2. its a bit useful too in PvE u can use stealth -> merciless strike to an enemy it can used as opening strike so it wont take a long time to kill mobs ;D
  3. yeah i know bout that, and i know that a lot of nice people out there but still i cant handle it when i see high lvl ppl asking for money to low lvl ppl :facepalm:
  4. why all of high lvl ppl that came to 1st island so greedy? they always ask for gold to help me i'm so sick that kind of attitude if they dont have gold, why are they came to 1st island? they surely need a gold to come back to 2nd island so stupid :facepalm:
  5. ohh thx for the info :) gonna save my money for that ;D
  6. yeah agree :drinks: and i just wanna ask, whats the normal price of lvl 13 bow? because i search in market its 45k or more :wacko:
  7. i think i found a bug when i wanted to chat, it always says this: INFO: YOU CAN NOT CHAT IN QUIET MODE what does that mean? :unknw: pls help
  8. oohhh come on we cant wait to see the new market system although its a bit suck :unknw:
  9. @chronoz and haohmaru no one remember sparks or gaps or charms? :'( i miss the old day we had together such a great time we had :blush:
  10. the same stuff happened in US Sapphire i remember the name, druid lvl 15 Bruxhinna or someone :wacko: i need help with the forsaken quest then he tell me to give gold to return to irselnort :wacko: what a shame :facepalm:
  11. just can't wait leave my exam paper and sit in front of my laptop 8)
  12. hello there :drinks: welcome to the forum, post some nice news and dont spam :spiteful:
  13. still no repair for the indonesian sms payment method? :unknw: nice update tho :clapping:
  14. dege19

    HELLO! :)

    hi, i'm back now ;D now i'll try ranger in sapphire server ingame name is Physick please help me if i need help, then when i'm stronger i can help u too ;D
  15. i'll always try to help the new players when they're needed help but now i'm too lazy to login :facepalm:
  16. you cant get a new skill if there are new skill, the developer will add it in the update sometimes just wait for the next update, lots of new classes and skills :yahoo:
  17. I think its way to OP Yeah the skill is good Maybe reduce the damage a little so its not too OP
  18. LOL :rofl: watching u guys fought about what best between chosen and the undead make me laugh :lol: yeah lets see when the game is update, and then you'll know which best between those two :blush: Btw, i just want to ask this : will there a newbie package for the new faction ? thx for the reply
  19. ya trsrah wa sakray, wa bosen di sapphire war terus di sana, gk mc gk fb sama ja.. ckckckck :facepalm:
  20. numpang lewat mas ;D Charms - Druid - Emerald :good:
  21. EMERALD for sure :yahoo: :good: i think its the best server in WarSpear, balanced well :yahoo: :good:
  22. but its only gave the new ppl 5 extra slots, gave them total of 15 slots in their bag.. its so TINY you know :facepalm: :diablo:
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