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  1. yo guys  ;D


    Emmm I wanna make a barb, so here some questions

    1. Which skill should be maxed first from lvl 1?

    2. Which is better? Using shield or 2h axe?

    3. What set should I use for pvp and for tanking?


    Sorry if I ask too much questions, and thanks for your answer :drinks:

  2. I wish der had been three ::) instead of  two :drinks: nyway welcome..btw i ws on tris wen u pm me ;D ;D


    Lol so u are trisden's bro?  :shok: well that was a surprise  :blush:

    Lmao :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


    Dont scare him off  ;D


    U dont really hv to do anything. We'll add ur name to the new recruits n if we find u well-suited for the guild we'll add u "officially". But dont worry this is more of a formality. Welcome to the guild!! :drinks::clapping:


    Well that's good.. thanks dude :drinks:


  3. U are more than welcome to join us ofc :drinks:

    If u hv got an fb a/c dont forget to follow our fb group link on the OP and join. :good:


    Of course I will level up fast, I just wanna get the arena sword  :drinks:

    And I'll follow the clan's fb group

    So, what do I do after applying to the clan? Did I immediately in to the clan, or are there some kind of observation before i accepted to the clan?

    Thanks before :drinks:

  4. Earlier sumone i forgot the name asked healallelf if we was the leader of the guild n that guy was interested to join xD i guess we shuld tell them to post in the forum ryt if they r interested to join in... N yeah make this an international guild *hi*


    I believe its me :blush: the guy that pm healallelf named fieryblade right?  ;D yeah that's me :blush:

    Well as I said to healallelf, I wanna join

    I'm a BD, level 14, aiming to stay and collect arena points

    Hope u guys let me in :drinks:

  5. hey guys, i just made a druid awhile ago

    and i just wanna ask, whats the best setup for druid lvl6 for arena?


    and i also equip druid recruit outfit  :blush:


    pls feel free to give ur advice/ opinion  ;D



    PS : i think lighting bolt 2, heal 2, and root 2, what do u think?  ;)

  6. hi guys, i just made a ranger awhile ago


    now i already hit lvl 4 with skill : PS 2, SS 2, RB 1, EV 1, Trap 1


    i do arena 5 times and win it all  :yahoo:


    now i planned to hit lvl 6, and i will get 1 more skill poin

    but where i put it? any advice??


    Thx be4, and sorry for my bad english  :drinks:


    PS: tell me if my skill setup wrong


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