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  1. lol this pack of weaklings always got dominated by me
  2. Please delete this graphics
  3. Lioyd


    warspear crashes since the update . when i want to log into my char warspear just close and i get to homescreen. im using android(htc one) please fix this !
  4. Lioyd

    Paladins hp

    Thats true but, paladins are very slow at 2h in imo and their heal isnt that good without magic build
  5. Lioyd

    Paladins hp

    Why the duck paladins have less hp than other tankers?
  6. Beasst lvl 20 rogue (changed name idk new name) = Healinator druid lvl 15 = Bongass lvl 6 priest scammed my [night princes gladius +1] check screenshots. It was the 28.12.2013 date he scammed it when i asked him to transfer it. Gms recover my [Night prince's Gladius +1] :[
  7. I want get rid of my forest werewolf on my bd and give it to another character of mine. Cant u gms give us a chance on a event or on a weekend to unbind our costumes ? I dont know whats the problem with this costume unbinding
  8. I totally agree with u murd! Stop deleting his posts! Im warning u.
  9. Devs why we still cant unbind costumes ? Whats the reason for that :( will we ever can unbind costumes again?
  10. Furisgardo.. pvp my lvl 10 rogue ;D
  11. Druid best runner skills( Root and bees makes u impossible to touch the druid :aggressive: exept ur ham hits from 10000 yards 8))
  12. :facepalm: Ranger name ? :facepalm: u just one of a hater idc what u post..Fact is: its not true 8)
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