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  1. As in the title, which class is better, more useful, slower to get bored? There is a circulating opinion that much better at higher levels is necro, I do not understand this phenomenon, why is it?
  2. And what about Shaman or Necro for pve and solo bosses i seen how shaman do solo spider(once of pelion bosses) but never seen necro solo something, now they don't have hp skill costs, which class will be more fun to play and usefull? Which class i should choose with 1,5m budged, i have it from dg spring costume drop 😏
  3. Hello, i want to back in game after 5 years break, i see many changes. I would like to do a class that does not get bored quickly, I anticipate the initial budget to 1.5m gold does not matter whether Legion or Sentinnels, i think about seeker or rouge, but maybe do you have better ideas. Its good time cuz LS runes are cheaper at spring 😄
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