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  1. while trading my smoking spear +9 i got scammed!! by the char named karacedip!! pls help me get it back.. he offered 400k for the deal and paid only 40k with 5 pics sign... ppl call it the full bag trick pls gm take a look at this matter.. :( :cray:
  2. how do i take out screen shots on my mobile?? i use a Nokia.... symbian version!!
  3. i would suggest nightmare 3 heal 2 n shield 2.. :good: try this n good luck :)
  4. i got really bad luck at swamps!! alwayz get the tablets..... :( :'( :'(
  5. need to improve my characters need to earn gold how m i suppose to do that??? :unknw: :cray:
  6. building a druid... for lvl14... pls help mw with skill setup! :unknw:
  7. i m not rich actually!! i'll be playing for fun!! so im based on skills setup
  8. thanx thanx a lot :) :yahoo:
  9. need help with skill setup for a lvl 6 ranger for arena!!
  10. i need help with skill setup pls help me :unknw:
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