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    maszbayy got a reaction from nabnecro in [2016.09.13] Update Warspear Online 6.1 Preview   
    hell yeah,, secret message from devs in these update = "play bd or gtfo from the game"
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    maszbayy got a reaction from skizoskilz in [2016.09.13] Update Warspear Online 6.1 Preview   
    hell yeah,, secret message from devs in these update = "play bd or gtfo from the game"
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    maszbayy got a reaction from Ubaidlee in [2016.07.28] Game servers stop   
    I dont care how many hours u need to fix this "vanished character" problem,,just fix this well... we are bored getting another maintenance after maintenance,,, i think u devs need to make beta version of client before stable client is released. So player still can enjoy the official client while u guys make sure the "update" works well. I know it will be cost but u have test server already.. why not make sure everything s fine in test server before stable client released?.. i tought "test server" it used to be checkin everything,, why u released the update if everything still unstable? So whats test server for?
    No offence,,this is just my opinion thanks.
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    maszbayy reacted to maszbayy in [2016.06.27] One week left of Warspear Online Birthday holidays.   
    Nice event,, how about accesories chance in halloween dungeon and 25 level accesories in snow boundary? i saw only weapon,armor and costume were doubled/tripled..
    And where is discount for level up guild? Guild level cap raised to level 10 i wish there will be discount for level up guild too then...
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    maszbayy got a reaction from vivian in [2016.04.26] Update Warspear Online 5.7: Temple of Seals. Preview   
    U were completely wrong in comparing,,Blind or stupid i dont know which one are u.
    But i make this clear,,
    Rogue x Ranger
    You cant compare rogue's usefull point ability to rangers weak point ability like that,if you want to compare stuff so be fair n compare usefull thing vs usefull n weakpoint vs weakpoint.
    Rogues n ranger both has powerful dmg .rogue from his stealth n ranger from his blessing,,yah rogue has absolute reflection its just another useful skill for defend while ranger has another useful skill for gain more damage like new expert skill that deal extra damage n ranger cant move while using that skill i forgot tht skill name.well its just rogue has another defend skill n ranger has another attack skill.
    Shaman x Druid
    Yes we shaman have second heal,,finally thanks to devs for it. But still,shaman can heal more *IF* we stay in healing totem radius same like druid who can heal more *IF* druid were in group to activat link.
    Remember,weakpoint vs weakpoint.
    Necro vs priest
    Come on dude necro has only 1 stun dont make it like epic stun in this game,n priest has skills that force opponent to not move like elusive threat,you move you lost hp n mana you die.
    Mage x warlock
    Yes lock known as stun master
    N mage is damage dealer even huge damage in few sec.
    Annnnnddd lately their damage caused fear/panic and stun tooo..
    What the f**k
    Dk x paladin..
    Dont compare pala to dk dude.becuz lately in this update dk opponent is bd,not pala. u can compare pala with barb both has small amount of heal n buff like warcry. go compare them even you will found pala stun is work more than barb stun n pala has Area debuff from banner.
    But those class is a fresh meat for awesome tank like bd,,,the tank class with awesome def for tank,n huge damage like other damage dealer especially with latest expert skill that add more damage,n insane shield n counter skill to protect him from everything,,bd support his self to protect him from any incoming attack while he can deal huge damage,,what a broken class... (I dont know when devs will fix this chaos,,,)
    You guys still asking to nerf legion side after many legion skill got nerf like shaman quake radius,necro pit,rogue jump crit,warlock circle stun time, n while u have this *broken class* on your side?
    Oh come on why u dont ask devs to delete all legion skill n lets just do boxing in pvp cave.
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    maszbayy got a reaction from Hizcanavar in Entry pict for "Beauty contest spring 2015"   
    This is my entry pict for beauty contest spring 2015
    i wish i can see that in official warspear fb in next stage
    good luck for all contestant

    im sorry i have no idea why my photo become lansdcape when it done uploaded cuz i see it was potrait in my phone xD
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    maszbayy reacted to vivian in my beauty contest's pic   
    participating in this contest,,hope u all like it 

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