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  1. Nice art bro could u put some color there?
  2. Cool... the story soo detail. . . u shud make a comic xD
  3. sure n when lvl cap update comes we spend soo much money for amp stuff what will be useless after update comes n they talkin abt lvl 30 cap since last year... it soo god damn long waiting
  4. nice update but we mcsaken side kinda need new expert skill man,, i wish u guys devs team consider how unbalanced population n mc skills with elf side it affected to territorie battle anyway
  5. i will say "what r u doing???.... n btw it shud be warspear not *warsper* lmao"
  6. tiap ikutan kontes knp mesti duduk di rumput pake rok si cala? btw good luck
  7. ur pict will be added in every stage im pretty sure good luck dedededededekkkk
  8. This is my entry pict for beauty contest spring 2015 i wish i can see that in official warspear fb in next stage good luck for all contestant im sorry i have no idea why my photo become lansdcape when it done uploaded cuz i see it was potrait in my phone xD
  9. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Server : Eu - Emerald Guild Level : 4 Leader : Snowred Member Requirement : For Expert Crazy People Only ______________________________________________________________________________________ Member List Snowred / Kitchen Burner Nevertouch Sonamar Apocalypze Subzerol Ariefcper Zorlac Riomario / Riuuu Zoebagyo / Jenggot naga Dewaheal Likliab Acsuli Rejven Gastersde Yinyang / Maszbayy Amykos Maius Theduruu Coldraven
  10. Great!! most of humans n firstborns expert skills is usefull n most of mcsaken's expert skills is unique but useless firstborns skills = extended,fixed,increased mcsakens skills = decreased decreased decreased decreased decreased gimme back 5x5 shaman's quake dear deafs
  11. Ssshhh come on baby... Dont cry like this.. Shamans not cry like u when their earthquake got ducked from 5x5 to 2x2 Warlock circle got decreased.. etc.. Now u crying bcuz devs make some fair system... Just enjoy the game man Dont waste ur time crying here xD
  12. Alii why u guys start ss without me xD Go delete that pict n make new one with me there xD
  13. Alii u dont know how to make a good post huh? -_- why u put it as attachment lol Use Html script ]:>
  14. Better i spent money for buy something usefull than this unfair game xD U want me to buy fast food for u? XD
  15. Devs please r u kidding me? Why lock staff dont have skill cool down? My lock has +9 staff n u wanna know how many signs waste for that? Alot of mcoin waste for it Alot of real money waste for it.. Now i need to change staff with skill cool down from +0 again? Need to waste money again? Ok u make alot of new things in game its cool but Please make it fair.. U really screw up mage n lock class now .. Many ppl disappointed with this update... We like this game but please dont screw it up We r player n do u know what u can do without player here? Please d
  16. +10 rings n amu : op caster Its all about signs Its all about mcoins Its all about profit Whats next? Will u make this game into premium game? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Always
  17. Please dont fix this one xD Captive quest would be easier :D
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