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  1. agreeeddddthats the point warspear is 2 Side races game. developers should say"balance" after compare in both sides instead of compare in only 1 side
  2. in fact stun is everything in the game n classes which have bunch of stuns is own the game like bd,druid,warlock,dktake a look on those 4 classes,, dk = stunner,2 dmg deal skill warlock = stunner,survival,dmger bd= survival buff,shield buff,stunner,dmg dealer,absolute tanker druid = absolute healer,survival,stunner from those stunner classes,druid n bd own the game *z*
  3. hell yeah,, secret message from devs in these update = "play bd or gtfo from the game"
  4. exactly,,, these new expert skills is start ruined the classes,,,
  5. all class have skills to survive already not only healerbut druid as healer has pure stun without lose anything like shaman blast which increased blasted target dodge slightly,,, having 1 pure stun is enough for healer but this druid has 2-3 stun,,, n devs keep add more stun and another heal for this lovely class(for devs).. what a lame system
  6. and healer class = heal?come on open your 4 eyes and see whats devs give on druid(healer), they got 2x pure stun skill n and 1x slower enemy movement n all ppl in game know druid is a stunner these days
  7. i wish thus major skillfix is really really fixed this chaos instead of nerf the colinized side
  8. nice update,,, but sadly shamans is no longer a fighter now hiks
  9. I dont care how many hours u need to fix this "vanished character" problem,,just fix this well... we are bored getting another maintenance after maintenance,,, i think u devs need to make beta version of client before stable client is released. So player still can enjoy the official client while u guys make sure the "update" works well. I know it will be cost but u have test server already.. why not make sure everything s fine in test server before stable client released?.. i tought "test server" it used to be checkin everything,, why u released the update if everything still unstable? So what
  10. Poto lu lama dibukanyeee,, ga kliatan potonye,, mundur j lah mundur narik go-jeg ajeee,
  11. Cute dededeeekkkk gooooo good luckkki dededekkkk
  12. Nice event,, how about accesories chance in halloween dungeon and 25 level accesories in snow boundary? i saw only weapon,armor and costume were doubled/tripled.. And where is discount for level up guild? Guild level cap raised to level 10 i wish there will be discount for level up guild too then...
  13. U were completely wrong in comparing,,Blind or stupid i dont know which one are u. But i make this clear,, Rogue x Ranger You cant compare rogue's usefull point ability to rangers weak point ability like that,if you want to compare stuff so be fair n compare usefull thing vs usefull n weakpoint vs weakpoint. Rogues n ranger both has powerful dmg .rogue from his stealth n ranger from his blessing,,yah rogue has absolute reflection its just another useful skill for defend while ranger has another useful skill for gain more damage like new expert skill that deal extra damage n ranger cant mov
  14. Cool,,, Ehh lvl 24-26 have a chance to get snorlar/demonologist costume in heroic bg tower too? How about kronus belly dg? Its heroic lvl too right?
  15. Catalyst only for weapons and essences for armors and accesories,,,Scroll up devs didnt say anything about requirement resources so it must be same as previous system of armors craft
  16. Sir peter i think i killed billion monsters since i start play this game xD or u mean counting started from achivment update?
  17. Wowow why fix it? 1 weapon drop/kill was fun xD
  18. Great i've been waiting for this new arena weapon... Could u make people can get signs from arena shop too? It would be cool... Atleast we have another way to amply our weapon. Im sure you devs will not lose your profit coz ppl will still buy your arena tickets. By the way Happy 7th birthday for warspear U made alot of cool change since first time i play this game in 2009.. good luck for you Aigrind wish you won that bestappever...
  19. Lets help devs guys... its just few clicks easier than spam click to ur skill box when u spam dungeon
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