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  1. That's not important but thats music is funny :);D
  2. First demo suit? :crazy: in emerald elf there are so many demo suit :P
  3. Im not old :cray: :P :youngman:
  4. My best friend ;D in my class all boy call us boyband :( because were always together ;D
  5. Yes i know , because that i have more than 2 id :rofl:
  6. If u want to study some skill u need unity sign :clapping:
  7. Kw bracelet 1x in normal mode Gold bar in hard mode Silver bar hard mode Total only wasted 10 stamina ( 1 stamina pot) 8)
  8. Havent read yet , but i agree with this topic :drinks:
  9. cherrybia, they talk to our heart :)
  10. Hi , Pls send ticket to support :) send all info about ur id and don't share ur information to forum :drinks:
  11. I got the same problem too, but the best solution is
  12. This topic may call "Negative thinking" :)
  13. Some one can be a scammer if evil talk to his ear :clapping:
  14. Do quest ;) and DON'T GIVE UP!!
  15. nice :drinks: :bad: how old are you? :bad:
  16. naonw

    Wtf !!

    This is . :bomb:
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