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  1. naonw

    Go shappire

    My brother edited that bad photo with paint :facepalm: and a signature he copying it :facepalm: :facepalm:
  2. Wow ;D maraksha is blue and invicible cat :P u are red ;D
  3. Red =O are u power ranger ?;D
  4. Shit , using a cheat engine :crazy: my friend can do that too! :crazy:
  5. Upin ipin and friends :yahoo: :rofl:
  6. u troll asshole :crazy: each people has a different opinion :clapping:
  7. oh,,,, really??? :facepalm: bad suggestion :facepalm:
  8. naonw

    Hey R0land

    hmmmmmmmm ;D really?
  9. naonw

    Hey R0land

    Sausage :rofl:
  10. naonw


    nongol kaya nyamuk aja ;D
  11. naonw


    my brother genlo always ganking :facepalm: he killing so many low lvl player
  12. naonw


  13. naonw

    Say wat?

    Xxfarhanxx is my best friend :facepalm: pls delete the screen shot :drinks:
  14. Sell or trade my ice queen small amulet ;D quote and reply if u want to make a deal
  15. Thats because lag or bad signal , try to reconnect your internet .
  16. naonw


    My birthday's 29 May 8) 8). Same as my twin brother genlo. Bro! Admin was changed my name to PapaTroll , can u change my name to PapaTroll on the list? Ty ;) naonw is my old name ;D Yey this month :yahoo: !!!
  17. I love it but i hate it too , however i believe 100% mcoin user will not buy coins anymore . Ws is just not a game but that is bussines too. :)
  18. Hi Dev's, why u dont make a chest for weapon and armor like surprise chest Army chest (weapon chest) = lvl 1 - lvl 12 weapon ( 200 mcoins /pcs 2000 mcoins set ) Army chest + (super weapoon chest ) = lvl 13-18 weapon ( 450 mcoins/pcs 4250 mcoins/set) Defender chest (armor chest ) = lvl 1 - lvl 12 armor ( 150mcoins/pcs 1500 mcoins/set) Defender chest +(armor chest) = lvl 13-18 armor ( 300 mcoins/pcs 3000mcoins/set) All quality available ( maybe ;D ) Ty for reading this topic :drinks:
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