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  1. Thats ur fault bro u break EULA RULES!! Your account will get blocked permanently
  2. Its happened to mee too :unknw: :andidontknowwhy:
  3. Sell ice queen small amulet :shout:
  4. Cant get it ;D anyway read this -> Because not becouse :blush:
  5. No one care sorry :facepalm: u mah hayang i tabok maluin maluin diri sendiri :rofl: and u so gendut like bakpao and gehu pedas :rofl:
  6. That duckingg damage is from fail amping ;D
  7. Hi devs , im just want to asking u abt this problem First i just want to amp my lvl 13 amulet with damage but when i go to amping system -> "u need sphere defence" only =O :shock: btw my amulet is ice :blush: so dont tell me noob ;D :P
  8. World cup 2014 :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  9. i dont understand , playing ws at blackberry ?? how? :shok:
  10. good suggestion :facepalm:
  11. IOS :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  12. Haha ok ;D just kidding ;D
  13. One day my brother finding a multiplayer online game and he saw ws there after that he download it, when i see my brother playing that game i want to play it too!!!! Done ;D
  14. :crazy: ban him ;D btw can u speak english? What is the meaning of aaaaaaaandd ? ;D kidding ma bro ROCK MA MEN !! ;D
  15. cherrybia, look at ur profile picture;D do you know how to make up ? ;D kidding just wanna ask :blush:
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