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  1. lol :wacko: if u rich why u wanted free chest more? :spiteful:
  2. Hi zain ;D why u dont gank me again at pvp cave ?;D
  3. I know what devs mean :P they can kick or delete player from the game but maybe devs think "how if this name is active in another name/player/acc/id and i have old bank char on lvl 1 so if they delete it i will quit game ;)
  4. So many people at game dont understand english. My friend dont understand " apa itu kill what is the meaning of kill?" So i hope devs can make more language in game :drinks: Request: indonesian language ;D or malaysia :P
  5. Hi shit , read this topic Reply #3 by snorlax alay like gehu = http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=101277.0
  6. No! Is imposibble to kick player from the game/server And devs still looking idea abt lvl 1 player More info reply #14 by r0land = http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=100688.0
  7. naonw

    Asian sever

    Mr snorlax can u disable russian word on sa pearl ? Russian has 3 server and they wanted more server?oh yes bcoz all russian is egoist Indonesian wont play there bcoz only russian there Ty :)
  8. hi , i created new pala 8) and i need help to kill orphans boss [/size] if some one could to help me post here :'(
  9. naonw

    Asian sever

    Sa-pearl is asean asia and asean is different
  10. I have, i am genlo brother btw ;D , After redeem it what should i do? I mean what payment must we choose?
  11. Only miss understanding i was change a password in another device :D sorry
  12. Complete the step : 1.make a coffee 2.Drink it 3.Be ready for not sleep 4.U will get it
  13. U right . I reached lvl 12 only take 1-3 days only
  14. Are u crazy man!? ducking russian there , me indonesian wont play on that suck server Disable russian word pls
  15. Best score/High score on my iphone :P
  16. naonw

    Voice chat

    Ok sorry guys my suggestion is bad :shok: ;D for a second time i AGREE ;D my more suggestions is : to everyone who want to have a voice chat privately they must receive a info like "Do u want to have a voice chat with this player ?" And for a pt too
  17. My mom said rolling stones concert is "YAHOO" ;D
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