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  1. Hmmmm :pleasantry: i cannot leave warspear bro :aggressive:
  2. 3-7 hours/day 1-2 hours/day :spiteful: :spiteful:
  3. naonw


    if indonesia is weak and poor and ♥♥♥♥ing country :cray: why u dont thinking abt ur country first ? :)
  4. naonw


    Genlo is not pogingpnoy :facepalm: genlo is right and many player agree ;)
  5. BECAUSE THIS IS GAME ISNT VIDEO :diablo: :diablo: GO HELL :facepalm:
  6. / \ :wacko: :wacko: lol /(O) (O)\ / (----) \ im patrick :F
  7. ok my freind :'( :'( dont PvP or kill me :lol: :lol: ok?
  8. i want trade my gold from shapire mc and elf to emerald elf mc 15k and elf 4k u will get free Lod of flame costume free if u want just reply :yahoo:
  9. FvKing lag made me post 2 times
  10. :facepalm: andrenike, the name is not blade dance u think blade can dance?#LOL ;D
  11. andrenike, the namr is not blade dance u thinl blade can dance?#LOL ;D
  12. No,lol,because if always getting gift chest this isnt game..... do u know how to playing this game? u can add 4m gold by farm 10x in lab:) chest just for event only an :facepalm:d so many people make id full lvl3+ for getting a chest .... lol
  13. ]it isnt bug that thing is always did to me coz we have different faster or slow connection example: in arena ur enemy see u not far in ur u is far nd then a skill is not bug :) ;D trust me
  14. naonw

    My Goodbyes

    lol :/ maybe my ps3 cannot accept that fvcking gta V game :D keep playing buddy:D
  15. idk im just charging my battery with blackbarry charger then a phone cant i touch :( now i just can playing with samsung note and PC
  16. That is hanphone Samsung Back side Inside of back side My new char The hanphone info Model:GT-S5360 Rated: 3.7v---1000mA Made in VIETNAM SSN:-S5360GSMH FCC ID: A3LGTS5360 C E 0168! IMEI:359259/04/571323/6 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| S/N :RDJBB93655A im forgot abt the creation date but i know little things Hero: 1.Taiocruz ranger(lvl 12) using novice ranger costume have +4 novice bow with crystal I DONT WANT TO SEND TO SUPPORT ALWAYS NO GOT ANSWER Send mail to me: [email protected] Add my fb : mochammad yasser yusuf / (with hulk and me photo) Follow my twitter: @yassermochammad Im from indonesia :)
  17. Nice idea i agree +1karma for u :give_rose:
  18. ♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥ MANY PLAYERS TELL ME WEAKS :lol: Im Lie for 4m gold just that only not including a +9 gear
  19. Tung4u, wth u modify my quote x_x u modify. -. Meh
  20. bb warspear for 5 days coz i want to vacation to singepore i want to watchong F1,Rihanna,Justin bieber,Bigbang and many again SO I NEED FREIND FOR PLAYING ON MY ID if u scam me i will send ticket to support BYE BYE :cray:
  21. Hi I have suggestions. make a war beetwen server but if u want to join a war u have to winning a guild tournament Example : AoA lvl 3 ( 1st place) Guild in first place can war beetwen a server EXAMPLE: EU-EMERALD VS US-SHAPIRE / RU-TOPAZ VS RU AMBER Winner: emerald VS winner: Ru topaz the winner will fighting with SA pearl ;D TY ALL
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