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  1. Lol , u better give people signal first if u want to pvp player :rofl:
  2. Oops! My money in gta 5 :crazy: no cheats 8) because i dont know money chrat in gta 5 i only know police cheat : r1,r1,O,r2,right,left,right,left,right,left.
  3. Alligator costume have no hands !! Wtf !! Hi kaka gendut upil kamu asin :bad:
  4. Ibn Rushd, look at topic Birthdays! #1 Reply ty
  5. I wrote this message because i want to leave from this game , read it ;) First of all i would like to thanks to gm and team and also my friends I leave from this game because secret(only my friend who knows it. anyway this is the best game i ever play ! But somehow my heart didn't like it anymore :( maybe because too many s*** updates 4 years i spent to playing this game but.... ,now the time has come to leave this game because i don't want my life just to play this game. We have to see future and keep thinking "i will be what in the future later?" I just want to realizing that thing only ! For admin/gm + team ws : please , we/player need more attention and care's from u :drinks: Ty very much Btw my old name in forum is : naonw but gm changed it because i ask it My english bad sorry :( Bye.
  6. LOL! U break EULA rules And u never ever get back ur char No unblock in ws
  7. naonw

    I feel bad

    1.Dont eat your daughter 2.stop scamming and trolling Anyway i have good news and bad news The good news is u are the best player on warspear online And the bad news is ... I LIED TO U
  8. For moderator dont block this topic first r0land pls ban this user and his device , as u can see ,yesterday i post same topic like this he break rules 2 times ty
  9. EGOIST , If u're moderator pls use ur brain if we send ticket to support it'll take long time and how abt if more people open tht site when support is sleep? ducking idiot
  10. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=100855.msg725931#msg725931 Read this topic
  11. naonw

    Hacker ._.

    More squidward and mr crabs -.-"
  12. Wth more spongebob and patrick
  13. :shok: i am ur brother so u have to give ur gold to me 8)
  14. Pls do not use my name and my profile picture :bad:
  15. I know it :cray: u send a picture in bbm :cray: btw i dont have this problem on my iphone :P
  16. How abt the stealer guild? they chest will be lost?
  17. Hi loling gm give my brother a chest or i tell police and international police :P im not kidding
  18. :P btw where is ur brother (Nindaime)?
  19. So many player request new server :facepalm: why ?? Russian will steal it :facepalm:
  20. Welcome back my enemy :pleasantry: :rofl:
  21. my name is not naown ;D 8) im gennlo lvl 10 paladin , almost same with my brother ranger = genlo ;D lvl 10 pala wearing cat costume :mega_shok:
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