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  1. It would be more fun to play an mmorpg with "WASD" control. idk if this is just me or no, im so bad at warspear when i play on pc. Its just hard to control and using skil with a mouse and a keyboard. Sometimes when u press skill with a keyboard and click with a mouse to the target, it cant click. so why not make the new movement speed t make it easier and more fun.

  2. i got the same problem on my ios device, cant even type a word on the game so i have to click the home button and open the app again its not much but sometime this can be so annoying when doing a dg or killing a big boss while chatting with my friend

  3. if this is really connected with your ISP we can't do much(

    Our forum is working correctly from a browser, no need to create any apps(


    what is ISP , how to change it? or its cant be changed so im cant login to forum with my phone??

  4. so guys i have some question , i voted warspear for the best mmo game but i did something , i cleared the cookies and data from the safari (iphone) so i can vote it again as much as i wanted, so the question is : is that legal and how about my votes is it counted or no?


    thanks  :good:

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