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  1. yeah not enough proof. some other members copy what other members shouts.
  2. So UNFAIR results! Rules are rules. . How about us who follow the rules? Arrgggghh very dissapointed! UNFAIR! UNFAIR! UNFAIR!
  3. Thank you guys for the nice comments. I really appreciated it.
  4. A far away land from the Town of Sienna, There was a living unhappy Fat Torar alone in his tiny house. Everyday, he always wish and prays for a woman in her life. He wants a partner that he will love him and share his life with her forever. He is 45 years old now and still dont found his love because he doesnt have self confidence to court any girl in their town because he thinks that he is very ugly Until. . . . . One day, fat torar finding food in the forest. He found a dirty lamp that he brings home and he cleans it. After he wash the lamp, a Genie comes from the lamp. Fat torar shocked. And the Genie speaks and tells what fat torar wish. Fat torar is jumping and very happy on what he heard. And he tell his first wish. FAT TORAR : I want millions of gold. The genie grants his wish. Now his house is now full of golds. And then fat torar wishes again. FAT TORAR: My second wish is I want to have good looking face. And then genie grants his wish again. Now fat torar has the perfect and handsome face. Now genie ask him for his last wish, fat torar tells his last wish. FAT TORAR: I want to have a girl that will love me forever. But the genie does not accept his last wish. The lamp and genie are gone for no reason. Now fat torar is still conscious that day. But he dont mind of the last wish that is not granted. Day and day have past, Fat torar have now self esteem and he find a girl that he will going to court. The girl name is Slim Torary. Fat torar gives all she wants till Fat torar asks the girls if he wants to marry him. Slim Torary answered him and she says . . . . . . . Kring.....Kring.....Kring.... Fat torar wakes up and he is just dreaming :( THE END
  5. Healers are runner because they need to regen :)
  6. When players succeed amp to +8 items then amp fast thats my technique its 82% working.
  7. bhaste


    In every game theres war, or else it would be boring.
  8. I love arena 14 . Always win!
  9. Congrats! Me have lock lv6 100 rating
  10. If u have high def go for cbow, then if low def go bow. Because bow if fast hitter.
  11. Good for paladin and barb with shield
  12. I think you need to lvl up the 2 liked casper skill.
  13. My lock is just lv6 2 circle 2arrow haha
  14. Just level 5 circle thats the most important
  15. bhaste

    Favorite Class

    my favorite rogue and ranger
  16. bhaste

    Cant connect

    me too camt connect
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