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  1. bad for Symbian in arena sometimes crash / auto exit in stairs stock character / cant log in in map 1 dungeon crash at 2nd teleport stock at kotarava / cant login 1 teleport 1 exit at swamp and ayvondill devs said new version of warspear cant perform in good cause every update add new size thats why someday warspear cant compatible at symbian user thats bad so dont ask again why crash and bad update for symbian devs we work the best thing to symbian platform . . ( bad english sorry ) anyway good job devs
  2. in my android 4.2 done symbian still delay release . .
  3. download complete . . . . But i install still 4.1(0) symbian late again .
  4. admins and devs swamp rewards still level 17 and 18 and never change in every update ? ? now 4.2 ver and level maxx is 24 18 item now ie so cheap i hope next update swamp quest specially captured shaman , captivates reward was change into update item cause many single player still hope swamp rewards becaming rich to get good item
  5. admin please fix for symbian user a lot for crash in swamp teleport for 4.0
  6. please fix symbian %) after data catching symbian got more problem auto application exit %) especialy in swamp
  7. download complete but when i install 3.11(1) not 3.12 %)
  8. now i need to install my 3.10.0 again to repatcth 3.10.1 omg i hope i keep my old installer
  9. take ss of link legionner bow if lvl 9 / 10 , before accusing i think +10 novice bow +old ench or crit ench + ice queen set + reward from arena top :)
  10. admin please fix for symbian user auto exit when start connecting . .
  11. me too i update 3.10.1 and i use symbian e72-2, always exit when im connect by clicking " PLAY "
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