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  1. there was this time me and Poley had a pvp, and that girl doesnt fight fair at all :bad: . I was prepared to have a fair fight but i didnt know i had it coming for me :( , she got me distracted with her lady charms, i said to her,"Okay, come and lose to the CHAMP", but instead of fighting fair, she had her boobs in front just to cause a distraction :( ... i was like," :shok: look, boobies!!! ... snap a pic :yahoo:", the next thing i know, i was dead :cray: this is so unfair :cray: :cray: Poley isnt pro cause she doesnt fight fair :cray:
  2. Nice story, Anything else i can say is i wish u all the best in ur love lives. Love can only trive when the said persons in love commit themselves consciously, thinking of one another in each others place overcoming difficulties and trials. At a time when love survives infancy, what is left is growth, happiness, confidence, undeniable trust and the complet extension of ones ego for the sake of the other (its no longer what i want but, what he/she needs and what is good for us).
  3. Scout and swaaz, i know they both lame (no offence) but whos sexier?
  4. Swaaz, i have fully developed Ego, r u jealous? :blush:
  5. Extremely jealous! :yahoo:
  6. >:D Gotek! how dare u call urself a Genius, its totally unacceptable. U havent proven urself yet among those with superior intellect, Until u prove urself to me, ur claim is Null. Im the CHAMP 8)
  7. Someone feels overly oppressed cause of my Unique swag 8)
  8. Swaaz, u too jealous! :bad: :bad: U jealous of us with fully developed Egos ;D EYIT CHAMP :yahoo:
  9. Lol cheap. What u actually meant is that, u r totally oppressed by his superior intelligence ;D and his outstanding skills. Deal with it 8)
  10. Absolutely correct, i support u, :good: PVPRANGE/PVPSHAMAN is #1 PRO, many delicious jelly crybabies upset cause they'r lame weak sissy asses, PVPRANGE is #1 (dont hate) :yahoo:
  11. Shes just being modest, shes not that bad ::)
  12. :shok: what in the world!!!!Hey dude im the CHAMP, >:D >:D lots of people scared of my fight O:-) Very high chance of crying afterwards, ask Ladygi ;D EYIT CHAMP :yahoo:
  13. Poley is getting prettier with age, too bad shes so mean these days :unknw:
  14. This is more like a snitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! and jelly parade ;D All jealous cause PVPRANGE/PVPSHAMAN #1 PRO PLAYER :yahoo: :shok: Im actually drooling cause of so much dilicious jelly, PVPRANGE, can i have some? :cray: :cray: U sooo lucky! :give_rose:
  15. Ya awesome idea and remember everyone, Godrange said it first (hes smart) thought of it sometime late last year, cause i sensed that lvl caps would go up. My actual idea was, doom could be made to lvl up to specific lvls ( like lvling up ur doom to lvl 20, lvl 25, lvl 30 e.t.c. ) in this way doom still remains the most awesome waepon in game, Godsrange's idea is still note worthy, but still the weapons need lvling if not, we ll see lvl 18 running around with weapons that will kill lvl 20s or lvl 25s with one hit.
  16. :shok: Delicious jelly rolls ;D mouth watering jelly bean :rofl: extremely tasty jelly doughut xD tongue glorifying jelly egg :lol: and most expecially a large aquatic jelly fish :yahoo:All jealous cause PVPRANGE #1 PRO PLAYER ;D Lol dont hate, im just CHAMP 8)
  17. :shok: Gotek has soooo much gay love for Maleshaman, i ll bet he imagines Nasty homosexual intercourse with the guy, thats soo ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :bad: :bad: :bad:
  18. This is totally incorrect, i beat one dude, he was lvl 20 and had +10 weapons, then i had +6 weapons and +2 gear xD(btw i used my lvl 18 bd), that settles it >:D im the CHAMP, u should all marvel at my unbelieveable awesomeness :yahoo:
  19. No guys! dont stop :shok: keep em coming! :yahoo: this is loads of entertaining fun, plus i wanna know how the story end, if they would fall in love afterwards (meaning me and Ladygi cant have 6 to 12 kids anymore :cray: , but doesnt matter, this love story is much better :give_rose: ), keep it coming guys!!! :yahoo:
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