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  1. респы сразу же сдались=)
  2. Ребят кидок будьте осторожны у него еще рог 10лвл Nobilities ник :facepalm: удивляюсь на 20к кинуть это же не большие деньги :facepalm: ;D
  3. а остальные что новички/исследователи лучше всем добавить и в настройках можно было отключать
  4. успокойтесь ребят=)
  5. Tactics pumping of Korea on Melvendile Tactics pumping of Korea on Irsenolte What weapons or armor to wear in different situations Ray 1) So, now you can quickly tell you how to pump not Melvendile (hereinafter noob yx). All armor, which give up to level 11 Exodus (fighter) we take x as 0.2-0.8% crit / accuracy us to accurately forecast will not. But the 200 is a few strokes xn mob can help us. Quest on minions do not do until the end nuboostrova as assistance can be obtained from players on Nube uh them enough. Quests for bosses and mini bosses just can not do if there is no suitable group of characters. Let's not waste time on them yet. So, we have already begun to receive job level 11 fighter clothes, but do not take them. We'll take a better hunter because there is xn. It is for you to be very useful for leveling. At level 9, I would advise you to buy a crossbow, Done good, although the rate of lame. When we give a unicorn can be found what some high lvl to help you with the bosses. And even you can pay anywhere to half if there are avaricious people. So we are going to lvl 12 on the second island. 2) When we go through all the quests in the harbor, you can see, but is not present in the port whether Dale murder. For example, the leaders of the camps, they are easy to perform, and 8 experience and a couple of cans not hurt. Perform, sell banks. Likewise, going through all the quests on Irsenolte can not touch any bosses until you get to the genie. It can be done if you do not have chiseled puhi lvl 12. You can with the money that you get for Quests buy crossbow keeper level 12 with hands somewhere +4 +5. It's not expensive will cost, but the damage will be good with you. When you saps money while you swing on Irsenolte, you can buy shoes / hand level 13, they are not bad for you. But be sure to buy them from HP. It is a robust and reliable shoes gloves. Breaking in gloves on your lvle you to anything. Pump up the nadir you get Quests for the league. Just saying, do not run them on my 14 lvle. Can not (and if you can it is a miracle). Better buy the head + body 13 lvl, a little worse, but these nerves present. Yes, and do not spend time. When you pass the Camp reef, do not rush to pass the shadows. Yes, of course, Dale is not open, but you do not spend so much time. when the pump up to lvl 17, you can sell your stuff 13 level (except the body) and buy a pretty cheap armor by 17. Its exact on 3 +1- and can run. Now is the time to change the fluff. 17-18 lvle arente hard, go buy Bily 5/5 random, do not waste time picking up the party. buy crossbow arena lvl 17, as he has good damage, and on the farm normally. At this buildup character on lvl 18 I'm finished, proceed to the description of Exodus to farm bosses and agra. 3) You probably noticed that when go to the farm, you are constantly thwarted agryat and you come away with nothing. That is your damage and speed does not allow you aggro, even though you are accurate. RGM on better boss's what to wear: Seth shadows boost the speed of all belongings., Onions NP, scroll to the speed and the accuracy of the bank (in ppm). As a result, we have 30 +% of the speed, you have time to make about 4 strokes, and only 2 carts. In the end, you win according to the total damage. Dress only the arena arena armor, boost it to resistance. And on the farm some bosses, which do not require darkness, and need regular armor, then you can also wear armor arena. Since bosses you do not crit. But it is better to have two arenas set for pharma bosses with DEF runes and rune arena abutment. Remember, this is set whisper garbage, Ther it is not needed, there needs darkness in pvp in it, too bad. Custody only to farm it pontovatsya yes that's all. Better to spend the money from the sale of a whisper (and he still quite expensive) to their point puhi (need to sharpen it very well).
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