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  1. Nope, need add barb 1 heal vs pala have 2 heal much with pot castle Charmer have 2 heal much, don't add heal no more Otherworldly Blessing Tank 1 heal vs Magic 2 heal max for work pot castle
  2. @Reivenorik @Peony @Peter_Munk new add topic up
  3. EU-Emerald 910 Повреждения 13K Обороны
  4. Nope, pot heal castle problems China know save seal hard attack heal cant die, this problems potion of lifeforce castle
  5. Barb why need party heal ?! don't need heal ! no one party op heal how ? this problems pot castle dead class damage Barb skill combat fury not work pot castle
  6. 1: If yy 12 lvl guild skill resis too, don't say guild 2: u can use scroll resis too, or can remove scroll resis castle, me no problem 3: u can use book resis too, don't say book
  7. 1: Barb skill 5 yard with relic damage or relic 7 yard low dmg, mcs and elfs relics op too, don't need say relics only say pot castle 2: Pala have skills more % stuns much stuns and low fail, barb skills low % stuns hard much fails
  8. 2 Barbs used pot + scroll damage spam attack 2 vs solo heal no die 1 sec heal full hp money mcoin chests pots damage trash this problems pot castle lifeforce GZ GM
  9. This problems Greater Potion of Lifeforce Arena Arena need remove Greater Potion of Lifeforce 60% all mcs and elfs class healers wins more ranks or add new Greater Potion of Physical Damage 10%Arena need charge Potion of Lifeforce 30% and new add Potion of Physical Damage 5% or Potion of Lifeforce 60% Warspear online players many quit. @Reivenorik @Peony @Peter_Munk
  10. Vlawot

    Phishing sites!

    EU-EMERAL @Cardinal
  11. @Reivenorik @Peony T5 Town bug people many die Here youtube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvXgviUvtrI&feature=youtu.be
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