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  1. Facebook this big problems hacked for money warspear online! 1 day my gmail no response, i wait 4 days if no response and no back items many others will this stock crash warspear online after i quit game i link here see for u administrators
  2. Thanks you Akasha info, if back awards and golds, others i will remove add facebook for warspear online this bad fb hacked
  3. I sent done here https://warspear-online.com/en/support/restore-account my gmail admin no response If no back awards and golds, others i quit game warspear online soon many quits All Administrators why new add facebook + warspear online easy hacked many problems warspear online administrators nothing help, people always lose all money!
  4. Hello, Administrators I am from bulgaria name: vlaconan warspear online Eu-emerald @Akasha @Holmes @Peony @Reivenorik @snorlax Facebook I never add friend profil Krakon turkey and i block messages how hack my account facebook and open warspear online Vlaconan sell awards items npc and delete barb much lose all full +10 items and 6m gold and others. need back awards items and golds, imperials, achievements, others thanks you admin. Here youtube and ss Many talks name: Biceppapa hack my account Biceppapa 24 lvl shaman Eu-emerald
  5. Yes need change 2h war buff 10% resi or 24h buff 2% resi
  6. Have problems 24h war buff lose ranks arena mcs many quit
  7. I do not speak Hassn, this much time 24h buff problems hard for ranks arena many quit.
  8. Eu-emerald old before many mcs players and now low mcs players problems for Great Battle for Terrioties I many friends mcs all talks me
  9. Great Battle for territories problems much 24h buff mcs many quit warspear online
  10. 22 lvl ring 14k imperials <<<<< 24 lvl ring 16k imperials <<<<< 26 lvl ring 18k imperials <<<<< 28 lvl ring 24700 imperials why much ? much spam and no life warspear online
  11. GO New topic Warspear Online 8.1: Celebration of the Dead, i can't wait and i don't need test server
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