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  1. @Reivenorik @Peony @snorlax Add protocol about kick/inv Guild up Berserk guild member any inv Catchwho cant see none info who inv problemsCatchwho is scammer
  2. Berserk guild member any inv Catchwho cant see no info who inv problems Catchwho is scammer NEED ADD INV INFO MEMBER GUILD!
  3. Vlawot

    Phishing sites!

    @Cardinal what happened? up
  4. Vlawot

    Phishing sites!

    @Cardinal 2 day no clean....
  5. Vlawot

    Phishing sites!

    EU EMERALD MC @Cardinal
  6. @Reivenorik, @Nihtgale, @Peter_Munk, @Peony, @snorlax NEED ADD USE EXPERT SKILL! 1 year no add time
  7. Ayvondil new T5 500+ achievements
  8. @Peony @snorlax @Reivenorik last up don't forget!
  9. 5x5 demand DEAD ! no players more need add group size: up to 5 players
  10. Vlawot

    Phishing sites!

    EU EMERALD @Cardinal
  11. @Reivenorik seal 3x3 2 party have bug demand no in 3 min waiting many times need fix !
  12. This 18-28 lvl problems many wins and losers, 28 lvl and 18 lvl always losers money losers tickets and gladiator pots waste of time rank!
  13. Many time no add 3 years tree achi finally
  14. Arena 1, 2, 3 Results of the season 4# place without ring awards 1# place ring awards 2# place ring awards 3# place need add ring awards and seals 3x3 add cloak awards and old 3x3 add amulet awards Tournament 1, 2, 3 place have chest 4# place without chest
  15. Rewards will be active for 1 day and increasing of resilience, physical and magical strength by 2% properly!
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