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  1. 23 hours ago, LeeLoo said:



    бешенство.png Rage 

    If a character has a two-handed weapon equipped while the "Berserker Power" skill is active, then they will additionally receive a bonus from one-handed weapons. Increases the duration of the skill's buff effect by 4 seconds.

    стойкий отпор.png Persistent resistance 

    The character additionally accumulates one effect of the ability of the "Stone Skin" skill when parrying enemy damage. The ability effect from blocked or parried damage is accumulated no more than once every 2 seconds.

    кровопролитие.png Bloodshed 

    The "Warcry" skill additionally applies the "Bleeding" debuff to all enemies for 9 seconds. The effect deals periodic damage equal to 33% of the character's physical strength every 3 seconds.



  2. 25 minutes ago, Arthas said:

    That would be pretty decent.

    Most arena items have Critical on them , which is absolutely trash on PvP unless you are a Healer, and even then , there are better options.


    Both 1 belt critcal and 1 belt block 


    like both boots why one belt? 😉 20211028_133806.thumb.jpg.6a1140dad092549f9aeb3fc5fbea3c78.jpg20211028_133732.thumb.jpg.ab191e1290773b8afaf8f7e21cf6d24a.jpg

  3. New 31 lvl arena need add this belt with block, blade dance have much parry helm and boots parry and skill parry, barbarian without skill parry and have skill block/items low stats block



  4. 18 minutes ago, LeeLoo said:

    Hey, this is because you did not take part in 1 stage of event. At such events you need to stay in the red zone for 30 seconds to be counted. For example, if you are standing at the location in the moment of completing of the event, but did not stand for 30 seconds, it will not count for you. 

    Hello, i got 30 sec done 1 stage  120 knowledge and 180 knowledge ponti, what think you?

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