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  1. Both 1 belt critcal and 1 belt block like both boots why one belt?
  2. New 31 lvl arena need add this belt with block, blade dance have much parry helm and boots parry and skill parry, barbarian without skill parry and have skill block/items low stats block
  3. Berserk guild members about 30 players all no got 4 medal how? i will spam t2 event achi soon
  4. Today before 10 min start have bugged Reputation mermen need fix 0 repu DG please
  5. Hello, i got 30 sec done 1 stage 120 knowledge and 180 knowledge ponti, what think you?
  6. 2019 my profil Facebook add warsepar hack account lose items and money administrators never help and never back my items /golds, i never forget administrators
  7. @LeeLoo Today T2 event fast time 12 min done why no got 4 medal bugged.....
  8. Today before 5 runs 1800 repu done after tour reset dg on 200 repu....
  9. Quests is dead no double mermen of the depths?
  10. I too open 200 chests only 1 drop book luck hard not easy
  11. I think forever strong resistance now nerf, i can buy or drop mermen set bad warspear waste money and no life
  12. PvP 1vs1 I barbarian full set Greatness high stats 54% resistance and defence vs barbarian low stats 43% resistance and defence win like mermen set strong pve not resistance? trash Greatness armor set imperials ? what happened administrators? @Holmes @Nolan This resistance nerf vs mermen set
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