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  1. make a new system to see other player information, example ; when i click to other players char, i can see how much physical/magic def, his power (physical/magic), resilence, crict, life steal, dodge, block, or parry that player have, so i know which best equipment im must use to defeat him easy(pvp).
  2. dont oot, lol ayvondil take a year to make it, now please make ws have better graphic like other games online android.
  3. i already play WoW or dota 2, im mean u know many android phone have game with 3d or hd graphic, im upload screen.shot at my bbm at my friend say, u play mario bross? that.2d game. symbian already dead from a years ago.
  4. 2 important thing to play a game, 1. good graphic, many plp will play it. 2. story quest. many plp dont like play coz ws graphic, already hundred plp tell me about it, so if can, make ws have better graphic. ty
  5. this day 10 members crimson do lab, we done b1 b2 b6 b7, almost die at b6 so im not take pict. haha
  6. oh ok sist, i kick u for a whike then. u wil get slot when u back
  7. just write empty or not have, hahaha, tech support will know what the best for player not have guild haha
  8. im already play 1 year 3 months, i will be there with all thecrimson guild.
  9. now guild is the most popular system at ws, why not add it to the character selection? like this pict. .
  10. how many revive?; coz we not die, all elf die in way to t1.
  11. u not read topic? , WITHOUT DIE..., u can ask elf. how many elf we kill at stair, we not run, but we kill. my guild is noob and poor for what we use revive scroll? and pot? we have shaman at that pt, we just go hunt elf , coz we all done cl, elf noob hahaha, elf just many,
  12. easy way to cross stairs is kill all elfs who block it, if run many will die or all die, my guild just 1 pt vs 3 pt elfa at stair all elfs die, and when walk to t1 every elf u see, KILL THEM, KILL RED NAME. U WILL WIN.... ELF IS MANY BUT ALL IS NOOB...
  13. coz no elf left at pvpcave and pvpnadir, my guild go attack t1 elf , ahahaha
  14. many of friend is quit coz this, awesome update, and thx for new skill for my lock, i think very useless now, but im still a war leader, before update something please try it, stop think about facking future update and money , money, money. think about now!!! snorlax go pvp +9 healer class vs +9 warlock/mage, and record it please. if u win i will not complain forever. now without heal skill, warlock or mage will useless forever, or bring back old lock skill , dont decrease like before, last, FOR TECH SUPPORT , HELP PLAYER WHO GOT SCAM OR HACK WHEN TRADE ACC, OR JUST BANNED THEY CHAR IF U CANT GIVE IT BACK, COZ THEY WILL USE THAT CHAR TO SCAM, I KNOW ANYTHING HAPPEN AT US SAPPHIRE, IK WHO SELL CHAR, OR TRADE CHAR, COZ WHEN DO IT, THEY INV ME TO THEY PT AND HELP THEM TRADE, COZ ONLY ME THEY CAN TRUST, BUT ALL NEWBIE WHO DONT KNOW ABOUT ME WILL GOT SCAM, THAT HURTS. THIS GAME IS NOW UNBALANCE, MANY MY FRIENDS IS QUIT, IDK IM MUST SAY WITH WHAT LANGUAGE, BUT WS IS GOING DOWN, DEV OR TECH SUPPORT PLEASE BE A ACTIVE PLAYER, SO U KNOW HOW THE REAL PLAYER FEELING,
  15. okay, add my lock to ur friend., when at saturday night or sunday i will help... :-)
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