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  1. sold a falcon +7 :( [/size] by mistake as malfunction of my mouse for one click it takes two or three :crazy: lost my scout gladius as amping without sign :cray:
  2. hard to believe low leveler :diablo: lvl cap upto 30 :facepalm: but for a pro its :yahoo:
  3. yta thats why i just posted in here i am not eligible :aggressive: :(
  4. bit a long but nice i am from india too :yahoo:
  5. i cant use my powers against them they come in groups attacks and beat me numerous times they all know me as kratt :diablo: they beat me until my armour was broken and then took it away from me :( i am strong but when the whole group attacks i feel if i could beat them just by hitting a single short :bomb: like my fellas in norlant, they grew up so strong that these elfs and mcs don't dare to attack them, when they kill me i respawn to astral world visit some of my friends and yes lake elemental and dinalt all are like me, being killed by player everyday they pm me that a party just took there armour and now coming towards me but i cant save myself i cant leave the island on which i live if i want to do that i died for my protection i learned some skill myself like moving very fast and many more my closet friend and neighbour dinalt we used to talk through pm that why they kill us we are not harming them just for our armours they kill us we wish one day will come when we will be free to roam around the island and use our power against those elfs and mcs who kill us we have a list of peoples who killed us we will find them and kill them :aggressive: [/size] as many time as they killed us we will broke their armours as many times as they did ours the only time we get to rest is when server is under maintainace then we all the bosses have meeting and we discussed on how to make us more secured and how to decrease drop rate so the players wont kill us :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
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