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  1. Congrats :yahoo: and yea spanish is one smart guy. I've heard many stories from different peopld who say that spanish was the one who thought of it first.
  2. The reason for not using skills on boss, if you don't already know, is because your skill won't be in range from where you stand and you would automatically move closer to your target to use it. That would cause the mobs to come and attack. The only skills that you can use are skills that only effect your character, like blessing, evasion, aura, etc. And(correct me if I'm wrong) the first skill for ranged players, powers shot. lightning, tears etc.
  3. Very true. I think the system works fine, if you can get a greater enchant on your equips on 1 try, its good enough for me :) (happened 4 times for me)
  4. Devs are already banning the guilty and are trying to prevent people from being scammed by banning people trying to sell/trade accounts. However its a lot of work with many people doing it. In 1 day, you can get about 10 people trying to sell an account in 1 faction. Think about how much work it is monitoring all the servers and factions. It also doesn't help that players make rumors about these kind of things because of hatred or fun. Cut devs some slack.
  5. Personally i don't know who's in that clan. All i know is that it exists, and is supposedly meant to protect the dignity of pvps. Also, I've never seen anyone killing someone for just wearing a particular costume (unless its demonologist xD).
  6. Dev will have unlimited space in ignore list, because he will ignore about half of a server. :tease: But to solve the problems, players should do it. Report players selling/trading/buying accounts. Gather lots of elves/mcs and kill the gankers/jumpers/disturbers. Maybe make a clan just for it, cause I'm pretty sure there's one at eu server... epic panda clan? forgot the name. A friend told me that its a mc/elf clan protecting the cave from such people. :good:
  7. Love you lag(note the heavy use of sarcasm) :facepalm:
  8. Byebye noah, its was nice knowing you :friends: :drinks: :give_rose:
  9. Lol i think i would have a lot to post first pic was from today(it has 2 people trying to sell their accounts), the second one was quite awhile back
  10. Lol :lol: I've got a bf and I'm not gonna be unfaithful to him O:-) If you want kimi to like you, going about it the wrong way :nea: gotta treat him real nice, and bacon? Really was that the best you could offer? No wonder he's rejecting you :lol:
  11. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. Relax, don't take his comments seriously, it'd just rattle you up. Lol it sounds kinda strange saying those stuff, but maybe you could find humour in what he says. If ignoring doesn't work, go along with the stuff he says and come up with some witty comments of your own. Cause honestly, the way its going now won't settle the situation. No I'm not saying to agree to the stuff he says, just counter it with something other than what you are doing now. If you can try to laugh it off :)
  13. Hmm very nice glow..... +3 :lol:
  14. Lol! :lol: :lol: :lol: Best way for this thing to end is to ignore him. When you come back with a reply, he'll just laugh, and come back with something witty, that would infuriate you and the cycle continues Sooo.... break the cycle and ignore him ;) Would also help if you don't take things to heart, because he doesn't mean any of the stuff he said. The off topic stuff that is.
  15. Guy who cracked the code of amp system: I DID IT! I DID IT! HA TAKE THAT! spams trade chat 1 minute later, 'your account has been banned' Guy who cracked the code: THE ****#@#!?~*^%&¥₪[email protected]#?%! :lol:
  16. This game isn't based on luck, but codes and patterns and stuff. If you know how to crack the code, you have yourself an easy way to play the game. Of course that wouldn't be any fun, but it is possible to beat the system.
  17. Now no one can make a secret character :lol: But i love the idea :yahoo:
  18. I guess devs modified your idea a bit, or drew inspiration from it! ;D
  19. Wasn't trying to criticise you, sorry if it came out that way :sorry: , was just saying how i felt on the idea. Halloween got boring because there wasn't much to do, and people died so easily. All you got from rewards was food items, definitely not worth 10 repairs for :tease: :wacko: :lol:
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