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  1. Then paladins would rule the world >:D
  2. Currently, if u change your equips after healing, you get the heal with what your previous equips give you. So lets say i heal 279 in astral set, i change my set to moon with a heal of 189, but if i healed while i still had full astral on, i would heal 279 until my heal runs out. So no i don't agree on changing any equips in battle especially a weapon. Imagine seeing a paladin use a mace to heal then switch to 2h axe. Or a druid/shaman/priest/necro using a astral staff to heal then switching back to attack staff. I agree on having equips in sets to switch.
  3. I don't know why people keep saying you're a scammer when they don't have any proof. I just wished people would get over their anger/jealously/problems and stop spreading rumors about innocent people being scammers. It destroys the good reputation of good people. I've known killerass for a really long time and he isn't a scammer. If anyone has any proof of it, he would be on the scammers list. Wish everyone would stop spreading such rumours because it doesn't help anybody and gives devs exta work looking for evidence of a "scammer" when they could be looking for evidence for a real
  4. You can still see the characters name :lol:
  5. Berengars guard, or commonly known as bg. Its location is at the cave near elves kamp riff, or mcs kamp of legion, but its closer to the elves. You can hunt bg with 1 good healer and 2 tanks but its safer with 2 healers and 2 tanks here's a full list of what other items bg drops: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=81677.0
  6. Its never ending :facepalm: first one has 1 guy selling second has 2 selling
  7. Cherriz, lvl 13 druid is a scammer. tried scamming my friend chickenfly First asked if he wanted mcs, then said he'd give 10k mcs for free All he wanted was his account xD
  8. That could happen when someone else is trying to access you account. If you didn't tell anyone you account information, its best to change your password because someone just figured it out. Or, this could just be a glitch.
  9. You know, mcs can block too if they wanted to. Sure elves are able to block the stairs because its only 1 yard, but imagine if warlocks blocked the path outside their caravan. Elves have only 1 stun skill that will be activated when the enemy crosses it. Mcs have area stun skills, that's why i think the pathway is wider, if mcs were to block, all you needed are a few warlocks and shamans. The only reason why elves are successful in blocking the stairs, is because people are willing to stay there and block it. Its not so much the stairs, its that a lot of elves stay there and wait for m
  10. That's one scary thought.... someone hacked the game to kill low levels :bomb: And i agree, no extra protection whatsoever, just a warning ;)
  11. Dear Russell, I don't like how you are being bullied. Please don't spam the forums. Do you deserve the - karmas, yes, sadly you do. Try to change would you please? Start a topic that has some meaning and substance. Think before you write something you may regret or anger others. I know the things people have said to you aren't that great(myself included) , but rise above all of it and stop spamming. Try gaining the repsect back. People are willing to forgive only if you stop the spams. Wish you the best P.s. this was meant to be in a +karma, but i couldn't write so much into th
  12. Invaded mc's riff out of boredom with friends :drinks: Then got more friensds to join the fun ;D Took it to nadir after riff got overcrowded. Who said elves can't go to war? :aggressive:
  13. Ok so i had this idea where every new player coming in from their original island gets an introduction to ireslnort. It would help new players know that there's an enemy faction out there, and is able to kill you. That our world isn't as small as it seems. So inside the introduction there should be a few things: - other players can kill you and you can kill them - you can't talk/trade/inv to party an enemy faction - tell them about chainless league quests? It requires them to go into the enemy faction's area - inform them about pvp cave, and not to disturb an on going match or
  14. Thanks for the positive feedback on the suggestion :friends: I'll go make a topic of it in suggestions ;D
  15. Well....... sorry mcs, I'm gonna start camping there now xD :lol: lol jk would be bored out of my mind after 1 minute
  16. Me an angel? Aww your too kind :blush: but you haven't seen me rage at gankers/thieves/blockers xD
  17. Elves don't have a strategy, we just rush in and get killed. Even when we do have a person who has an idea on how to get past your blockage, hardly anyone listens to them. Its absolute chaos where everyone wants to be heard but no one wants to follow. You guys are organised and know what you're doing. Congrats on blocking us for so long. Respect :drinks: P.s. wait for us to organise a war and lets go again!
  18. great... just wasted 5 minutes of my life :facepalm:
  19. You just get norlant runes and crystals from the box
  20. Look in this: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=81677.0
  21. When you're dead, you can't do anything. So how can you throw dust over your head? Where's the logic? :facepalm:
  22. If you get killed by an enemy faction somewhere in ireslnort elf/chosen side. Say so in tradechat and we'll come and kill them :good: And i get where you are coming from. When i was a little lvl 12, i kept dieing near gaspel because this rogue kept killing the low levels. Found out later that they were called mcs(mountain clan) however, this doesn't happen as often anymore because elves are blocking the path to the lower parts of elf/chosen side of ireslnort. A suggestion to devs, have an intro to ireslnort for the new comers leaving their original island and coming to ireslnort. It
  23. You just called two of my good friends dumb and evil :bad: You should know that mcs are like that too, its in all factions. I just don't like it when i heal mcs at kortavva, they kill me later somewhere in kortavva :facepalm:
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