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    dk speed

    I think DK needs a skill that increases attack speed crit, just like a hunter, to better match two-handed weapons.
  2. dk needs an attack speed skill to better match the two-handed weapon. You can change the saturation skill to the ability to increase the attack speed because saturation is not useful in actual combat
  3. I think DK needs attack speed skills like the hunter's mountain instinct, because DK takes two-handed weapons and needs attack speed bonus to output high, why not give DK an attack speed skill? DK output is too low
  4. 我认为 DK 需要攻击速度技能 就像猎人的山地本能 因为DK拿双手武器需要攻击速度加成才能输出高,为什么不给DK来个攻击速度的技能呢?DK 输出太低了
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