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  1. Today i lost my outfit chocolate bunny because i wanted to transfer it from one char to another on same account i placed it on dealer but at the time i logged in to other char someone alrwa*already* bought it it was a total loss so i suggest develop in game male system through which we can male items to other chars please give some thought
  2. its a great dea*idea* will enjoy it :good:
  3. exactly i agree with tsja :yahoo:
  4. it takes too much time for leveling up in ilsenort besides these quests only give 8to11xp which is not enough :'(
  5. Dear warspear team you should make new quests for lv'l 15 and above which should be a little bit easy fro,m previous quests it should also givemore xp many people lose their interest in this game because of hard leveling so please give a thought to my suggestion regardw,
  6. dear warspear team you guys should develop proffessions like tailoring ,jewelcrafting,enchanting this will develop more interest of players .people should be able to make thing from these professions Regards,
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