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  1. First of yes Charmer Dog is a problem and everyone agrees on that. Maybe limiting summoning dogs on arena will solve that. Second is Pala shield, if this shield continue to work like right now it's gonna bring down the game. Remember the shield makes not only Pala but one of his ally Immortal. Third is Templars AoE bubble, I know it's a new char and yes Dev will look into it. Lastly BDs resi last too long, remember Barb Nature at 4/4 doesn't last that long and they are kinda same. If you look on all the comments, you will see Charmer, Pala, Bds and Templars (new char so it happens) being mentioned and these Characters need some "balancing" if the term "balance" is even there in Warspear Also priest, necro and Dk need a little love as well. And bringing back Barb last wish like before would be nice as well. I have A Bd, Mage, Barb and a Charmer if you are wondering. Peace
  2. If you go through the arena shop you will see everything for every class, be it weapons, gears or accessories except there is no mace without magic dmg. All arena mace has magic dmg and I don't understand why there is no mace without magic dmg. If you look at pve side there are countless of maces without magic dmg then why not for arena? Second point is can you add arena Armor with block in it? Currently only dodge is available. Literally dodge is not for tanks. I am writing this because as far as the mechanics and lore of each char is concern, dodge does not benefits tanks and you it although you will disagree. Please see my two points into consideration and think about it. This is a suggestion section so am writing my suggestion here. Thanks in advance for listening.
  3. MastaJedi

    PC lag

    Hey Dev! Since sunday that is 19th April 2020, Am having lag from PC. Got kicked out from DG several times so no DG for me now. Twitch , youtube all works fine. Could you check please ? Thanks.
  4. Hogwarts school of Magic ^_• Excitingly roll on the floor for 5mins........
  5. Hey Devs! On the next event update is it possible that you add a mace with no magic damage? I know it sound wierd but atm every class has their dedicated weapon except Barb and warden. Well they are expected to use axes as per the saying goes. However all Pve weapons have their twin pvp except the mace without magic dmg. Would really appreciate if this come true. Thanks in advance and you guys doing a good job
  6. Actually the client is V8.2.0. I have a windows phone and yes I cnt connect to server atm. But am playing from pc till its fixed.
  7. I am the Simon Cowell of Customs. whenever I see potential I point fingers and am pointing at this Unicorn horn at the moment. Well done Zarie, much respect. Ps: Game need more girly custom and this one would be an awesome start Dear Dev
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