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  1. funny costume :lol: & my costume :blush: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?board=99;action=post2 plz say your opinion about my costume :give_rose:
  2. matn deleted! :facepalm: reza joon gol kashti vaghean... :friends: ishalla be khatere matni ke neveshti hamke shode rank biari :give_rose:
  3. wew! really nice! i like. :good: i hope u win :yahoo:
  4. black suit of chosen + Demonlologist + angel! XD
  5. meysam


    Using superhero suits, characters of games and movies are prohibited :facepalm:
  6. gamoonam sina tamame mapa bazi ro be esm hefze :facepalm: faghat ye esm ya tasvir bede!in mige kojas O:-)
  7. 1. i could make it in 10day later & hard work! & i dont seen your costume! 2. your costume is thief! & my idea is prisoner! at two model Girl & Boy! in 4 sides 3. it may two person creating one idea!!! it's bad?!! & last: it's my idea & not copy.
  8. wew! ty bro... :friends: but really im not best druid in Us-sapphire! Acridtwo-Poley-Xskitzerx is best Druids in US-Sapphire :give_rose:
  9. Hello Acrid! you'r strong druid in US-Sapphire! my druid lvl10 with Barkskin 5 , 7% reducing the damage taken from any attack...how u have 10%?!!! 3% for high lvls?!
  10. Rokzz,Hopzz,Tokzz,Wizardir.... Is Runners! Just Kill & Crossing!
  11. meysam


    :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo:
  12. meysam


    22% resil + 1800def is good for shaman. with +10 arena staff has +390 moon & 190 heal!
  13. BL 2 HS 5 EP1 LB 5 EQ 2 not bad for lvl 18. its good for pvp & arena
  14. 252 heal & 300 moon best! :spiteful:
  15. shaman best than druid! shaman has strong skills & druid has better dmg & heal of shaman! & Roots 5 :facepalm:
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