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  1. Devs why did u guys make passive skill "One Handed Axe" for BD and Rogue ? Now BD and rogue will only use 2 handed axes, and no more BLADE Dancers . Blade wielding rogues are fine but Axe wielding rogues are terrifically off the hook...... Please consider this
  2. I didn't get my reward from random quest in norlant swamp after I finished the quest.. please check it...
  3. My connection is unstable, it often got disconnect, When my character is almost done tower, it got disconnect and I had to retry from beginning... Please refine the system...
  4. I mean, keep our weapon like on ninja costume for BD, not keep them in weapon warehouse P.S Chill out im just suggesting
  5. I suggest that, character have action to put their weapon based on their class. Is it normal to hold two sharpened blade or axe while we have a discuss with trader ? Thanks for your attention And Sorry for imperpect language
  6. Please Add time Zone like Morning,Noon,Evening,Night, etc. So we can use evening tuxedo at the evening time, and club tuxedo for night club, and many more 8) , What do u say ? :pleasantry:
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