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  2. It's three layers underground on the map in a place called hobgoblin's tunnel. the surface land directly above it is emerald meadows. It's from the quest Murag's hobgoblins.
  3. I have this quest where u need to get to morag's cave. The map shows only the cave (third layer underground) but doesn't show it on the surface map. How do I get to him? I am a chosen btw this is the chosen native quests. Also, is there anyone that can help me with miniboss and dungeon quests? The chat is very rude and unresponsive rn. (I'm on EU server)
  4. Ah. I remade my character. But I was only lvl 8. If you don't wanna redo it all, then just go to snowy bound and start pming people in guilds. there will be two or three ppl there most of the time.
  5. Vaperousc


    I'm new here and I need help. I find that the chat is really unresponsive. Does someone know about Guilds (need to join one) How to get help from experienced players How to not die in a dungeon Crafting stuff Jolly snowman Whether I'm allowed to switch realms Thanks!
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