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  1. roland r u considering the possibility that it could be zlaktov... the guy who scammed true black.... hes repeatedly hacking accounts... and unfortunately.. vortex guild too now :sorry: pls roland sir give us some news bout whether ull can recover vortex... :snorlax:
  2. Great job devs... need a last miracle... O:-) id hate to see a scammer auction it off ... :sorry:
  3. Really hoping the devs can do something.... relatively new to vortex but loved the guild ... :blush: hope all works out fine .... good jobs devs for restoring pummys character .... kudos ::)
  4. couldnt ull have given any warning about the costumes too? :facepalm: and no official announcement either.... i hope new moderators implies improved communication in future :snorlax: :spiteful:
  5. NO replies by moderators ...wew... they dont even care what the players think .... sad :unknw:
  6. how bout some costumes that make us look less like trannys.... :unknw: i swear i dont even feel like wearing dictator costumes cause they r so freaking ugly... if u really wann reward guilds atleast make something nice... ur costumes starting to seem like pre primary kids designed them... :facepalm: so next tourney well probably have snorlax costumes in multiple colours ? would look way better than this shit atleast :rofl:
  7. no warning so notice and suddenly costumes cant be unbinded... that too just after halloween :facepalm:
  8. rgod

    holiday costume

    well its been like couple of ddays into halloween and i havent seen anyone get a wedgehead harvester or sam hain.... does it mean u can only get these by farming the respective bosses... p.s : happy halloween to all of u :) :drinks:
  9. and i thought this post was bought good lvl 14 players :facepalm:
  10. lol liit where did u learn ur maths from xD use simple percentages and it will tell u whos got a better win ratio :rofl: and everyone knows ur shit ;) so save the ice for urself...cause u aint burning anyone :dirol:
  11. really .. ;D go check ur stats... 4581 wins outta 6314... that aint #1 .... u lose so much ...u must be thanking devs for providing arena pots so u can climb to #2... completely undeserved ;D
  12. selling sam hain holiday costume ...pm me offer ingame ::)
  13. If this guys the best elfs goin to dogs :facepalm: ... and shadow outsmarts him anyday.. :clapping: u run more than u fight man...
  14. rgod


    Hey guys.. m buying a sd staff... if anyone has pls pm me ingame on rgod/wgod or just reply here. i know theres a topic somewhere bout selling trading but cant find it... my apologies for the inconvenience ::)
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