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  1. 1) arena tickets: remove them. Make earned

    arena points much lower. This way everyone can

    fight and you will probably have more online

    players i could make arena all day for fun İF it

    was free . there can be though, a vip room ör

    something for higher arena point but it costs to fight there.

    2)amplify: amplifying is really hard. Some people

    make +10 with very less signs but some spends

    hundreds and hundreds and get nothing

    amplify level could be on +100 for example that

    way your signs wouldnt go waste +100would be same as +10now but with the hundreds of

    signs we spend we could atleast get something

    for it (not +100 but maybe +95)

    3)miracle coins: they cost too much yes you

    make discounts all the time but its not really

    enough i think 0,99dollars for 150miracle coin would be nice İF it was regular price

    4)arena: it shouldnt give many guild points +10

    people always spams arena and wins easily.

    Working hard and questing killing powerfull

    bosses should be the main source of guild points

    5) guilds: too much reward for winners and hard to level up

    6)daily roulette: it can give gold miracle

    coin,miracle coin item arena point crimson

    corundum (mostly gold or worthless items)

    7) balance the classes. Many people complains about it. Happy player=good game Some classes are really powerfull i never played as one but barbarians are not really good. Necros and death knights too maybe.

      Please read this and consider it. Mods i hope

    you can show this to developers or something i dont know who is in charge. Somethıngs really need to change. dont be greedy you will earn more if you get more people to buy miracle coins and not just rich players.


    Good ideas, that amp thing would be good change, but what about world chat when ppl would amp from +80 to +100 o.O 
  2. 4 million only just number of registered users, not playing users, alot quit after registered and at lvl 12 bcoz this game is for rich people, and full with rude people, if a guy play simple all say him noob..  whatever now im happy quit for ever, i waste my 323 US Dollar on this game and got nothing alot amp failed, rude people..and gm act like boss no feelings..a game just full of stress, nothing fun.

    this game will be win also a most expensive online game award!


    So true, everyone who dont know how to play, will get lots of "noob" private messages or messages in trade- or world chat. Ppl used to be helpful and kind many years ago, but now so many uses mcoins and think they are gods so they dont care how newbies may feel. And you can't be pro in this game without mcoins (talking about amping) and that sucks. Please, as many have said, change that amp system. Its one of the things ruining this game. There are many suggestons about new amp system. And yes, most of chars/accounts are just for s.chests, rise the lvl needed for boxes->ppl get much runes and crystals and prices of those are going down on market.
  3. I'm not sure do you remember me Male, but i remember you from the old times (like 2-3 years ago) and i gotta say, Us losing an old member once again.


    Goodluck to Eu and was nice to meet you my Finnish friend.

  4. Pathetic noob kids such as yourself don't even phase me anymore. Im BOTH rich and pro, it's little noobs like you who always say you can't be both lmfao. I don't even know you, as far as im concerned your another jelly weaksauce potato. I've come to terms that poor kids will always hate rich pros such as myelf, it's normal :)


    I have 4 chars +10, over 10 million gold on 4 accounts and over 30k mcoins. My skills are merciless and strike fear into everyone in Arinar.  Go cry to some newbie on first island kid.


    I can beat anyone in 1v1 on any character. I am your master, now bark for me dog. Its funny how mad noobs get reallly sad.


    Come on,  who talks like that :facepalm: And you are not as pro as you think, i killed your shaman (+10) in 1v1 with my +8 priest. Try to behave like a grown man please.


  5. Dont't ever trust these sites. No one can get miracle for free from any websites (except from warspear offical sites). They want you to put your ID and password to this site and say that  you will get free mcoins. IT'S NOT TRUE.


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