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  1. Dude i dont care starting islands. After 12 level they have gone and we will be playing in irselnort/ayvondil and everything is the same. New heroes will not change any pve secenario. Is that really hard to understand?
  2. I mean yeah new heroes look good but did we really need this? Why not adding new dungeons, new maps or change irselnort. When we open these heroes we still going to do boring irselnort quests or non stop t4 quests. Everything going to be pretty much the same. I really dont wanna start it over again. Imagine doing all cc quests, get the rep for ayvondil, bg quests and so on. it gives me headache.
  3. Why would i mean avylondil when i clearly typed lrselnort
  4. Well they clearly ignored. It has been more than 10 years since irselnort came out and nothing changed XD
  5. How many people have the 32 lvl set. Wtf are you talking about.
  6. I absolutely agree. Pvp-arena system already trash. Why would we enter arena which no one attacking each other. All toxic trash people occupying top 50 in every server.
  7. Yeah you are right tho. bd also cancer xd . I am just a poor priest living nightmare in elf side..... tp myth last mage. st myth last mage .bg myth last mage. t4 last mage........... or seeker they are interchangeable xd
  8. Every +9 arena hero op. In pve there is no difference between 300 magic priest and 1000magic priest. They serve only two purposes in pve , clicking aura skill and revive.
  9. You joined the healers club welcome then. Mine +9 priest doesnt do anything too
  10. Yeah mages spent a lot time but we other heroes dont. Your hero literally the most broken charachter since the expert skills comes out and you crying about the nerfs
  11. Well yes no more f**ing solo bosses . We are playing mmorpg game without healers. You are damager class and at the same time he wants it tank. You are being extremely arrogant. What are you talking about.
  12. Exhausting burden at least now useable. I wish they had also changed mytstic mark to something else and i am happy to see seeker, warden and mage nerfs. They are just ruining the game for healers.
  13. People already stopped doing gvg or events lol. Just one or two guild participate as always. When will you guys start to make improvements for majority people rather than one or two guild members, pathetic.
  14. You are right but it doesnt motivate to play it anymore. If my hero doesnt do anything literally no damge no heal no pvp ... why would i even play that.
  15. There wont be any changes.i They announced big update thats it. Another big update will come 1-2 years later. Also there wont be skill balance update. So i stopped playing now i have no intention to return back now. Game is broken and trash and its my fault to play this game almost 3-4 years. Do you have any chance to see test server, wardens doing 1200 dmg auto attack, druids heals 4000, seekers completing tt hard alone and my hero again gets the worst skill 4 times in a row. Apart from that i put aside all these nonsense skill unbalance, arena system is trash , events are same as last year and toxic players who paid 9568625 dollar to this game acting like king of the game. No man i quit thats it. I hope one day people stop playing this game.
  16. Well they dont even know priest has resurrection. They respawn instantly. Probably i used 5 times since it came.
  17. Everything about priest bad. I wish i hadn't created this useless hero. It is the worst pvp hero, worst damage, worst healing. My only function in game open aura and giving others players gods help.
  18. I just checked priest. Its bad man, 1vs1 it doesnt prevent using skill, only nearby enemies prevented. What is the point of that? do it also main target. My first impressions that druid, necro, bladedancer, shaman broken. Even if devs nerf them, still they are going to be broken
  19. So then change chosen passive. Its even worse than forsaken. There is no point of crying this situation.
  20. I hope priest skill is going to be good because I fed up with these useless exhausted burden and mystic mark. I would say Necro skill is going to be broken in dungeons and they will have to nerf immediately. Warlock, bladedancer, warden and paladin got good skills and i didnt understand why shamans complaining about new skill. Its way better than redemption. Shamans probably will immortal with armor-def skill,heal and this new expert skill.
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